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This Month’s iPhone pictures (June 2012)

Here are June’s puchiblog pictures, fresh with new commentary! =^-^=

First off, I went into central Tokyo to help out with a new friend’s play.. the poster, in fact! I’m not even in the play itself, lol.. just the poster! (It’s not out yet to my knowledge!)

Bunny ears!

Huh, what?


Andddd… we had a little bit of an accident! XD

Then, I started trying out a few new filters for my iPhone. I love films!

This is from an app called “Percolator.” Percolated, like a cup of coffee! *D Hence the bubbles.

This is from an app called “WordFoto.” 😀 😀 😀

And these are from the PowerCam app 🙂

If you’re thinkin’ about my baby, it don’t matter if you’re black or white!

This little light of mine.. I’m gonna let it shine!

C’mon Baby! Do the Twist!!

Tokyo Tower can’t have all the fun!

I got the chance to meet Macoto Takahashi, the famous artist! I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove his pictures of young girls!

Then met up with Adrian for dinner 🙂

Rediscovered an old childhood favorite. Anyone else a fan?

I got really, really excited about my gardening..

Kimberly suddenly sent me a message saying that she’d bought a giant ham and could absolutely NOT eat it all herself tonight. So there was an impromptu dinner party! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

After all that food, who would not feel silly?

I was thinking of someone specific in this picture, but I won’t tell who! ;D

Kimberly, our gracious hostess, is a wonderful cook 🙂
Her dogs, Tatami and Mugi, are wonderful eaters 🙂

I lounged around in my favorite rainbow socks.

And my rainbow umbrella and purse..

Then had parfaits with a few nameless friends. 🙂

And channeled Taylor Swift ♥

The 16th was also Captain Picard day! How could I let that slip by!

I studied in cafes, too… a lot.

Went shopping and liked the bag more than anything!

There was one day when the temperature soared into the mid-80s. With a humidity approaching 100%, so I had to turn on the a/c. Good news is, it works! The heat makes me feel lazy, though. Most people don’t know that I have problems with my health. Even though I try my hardest, my body just doesn’t want to seem to keep up! I won’t give up without a fight, though! Not now!

For this blog, I walked around my neighborhood a LOT, too…. It’s a good thing that I love walking!

Then, I got to ride my first shinkansen! Most people seem to find this strange. But… I just don’t have enough money to spend a lot on travel, so I’ve always went the cheap way!

This time, it was on Asahi’s dime (err, yen!)! 😀

It was comfy.. but I really just wanted to sleep since I hadn’t slept much the night before.

Once my editor and I reached our destination, we had to get on a bus. For an hour and a half..

We ended up finding some dinosaurs!

I’d totally forgotten to post the signed illustrations that I got from Takahashi-sensei! 🙂

Then, it was Lindsay’s birthday and the girls gathered in Shibuya!

I discovered the joy of summer salads ♥

And rediscovered an old friend, Jill! She treated me to karaoke *^^*

And we had some lunchy lunch!

And for the last images of the month, I leave you with.. purikura. 🙂

You can follow my ongoing adventures daily on my puchiblog here, or on my twitter here! *^-^*

Or, even facebook! 🙂

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