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It’s been a little while, hasn’t it! But this whole week I’m posting an assistant post every day, and I’m going to take you through my memories of things like our first design work, our first event with Konomi-sensei, a tragedy, and my first time setting pen to a paper that would be PUBLISHED (omg!). Check back every day! 7 days of Tenipuri!!

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Well, here we go!

If you remember from last time, I left off after our picture-taking session at the Takanodai Tennis Club!

Sensei piled most of us back into his totally-awesome car, and Watanabe-san got into the rental with the Photographer.

After we were buckled in, chatting about how our photos would come out compared to a professional photographer’s, Konomi-sensei turned to look back at us.

“Are you guys hungry?”

Weren’t we ever!! Running around a tennis club taking photos was more tiring than we had thought. Not to mention, who would turn up food on Shueisha’s payroll?

Sensei turned to me solemnly, though, and asked, “J, can you eat eel?”

I looked at him a moment, surprised. I’d never eaten eel before! But I eat everything (except vinegar), so I was certainly willing to try!

..Not that I’d really had a choice. We probably would have gone there no matter what I said. But it was nice to have the illusion of choice!

It wasn’t long before we pulled into a nice-looking restaurant with Watanabe-san’s car, and headed inside. It was a pretty pricey place, and we had our own little room with one of those cool tables where you sit on pillows on the floor, and there’s a big hole underneath the table that you put your feet into.

Sensei took the lead, ordering for all of us. We had all kinds of delicious fish and eel (and it IS delicious! I can’t recommend eel enough!)! YUMYUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMM!!

(Sensei and Kaiwa-san looking over the menu)

But soon enough, the papers came out.


Well, this was a business lunch after all, so to speak!

I had been working for Sensei for more than two months now, but at this point, we hadn’t done anything more than practice drawing, play golf, and go out to eat. It turns out… the manga hadn’t even been named yet!

Not that I was too surprised. Sensei seemed like a pretty laid-back person so far.

So, when he pulled out a sheet of copy paper with some colorful logos that looked like the original series’ logo, all I did (all we all did), was crane over to look.

(Watanabe-san and Sensei discuss the logo and series name.)

“What do you guys think?” He finally asked us.

There were multiple pages of logos, maybe 15 in all. Some of them said, “New Prince of Tennis,” and the others, “Prince of Tennis 2.” Just those two options.

Suuuuuper creative, I know. ~_~;

To be honest, besides the color schemes and tiny little alterations, there wasn’t really much difference between them. The real big question seemed to be, though, “What should I call the series?”

I thought that it should be named a little more creatively, so I suggested names like, “Prince of Tennis: Second Serve,” and “Prince of Tennis: Love 2.” It even seemed like he liked them, and he jotted down all sorts of suggestions!

The lunch ended without a final decision, but with much debating over the suggestions. Sensei seemed to be leaning toward “Second Serve,” or so I thought at the time, so I was walking on air!

We piled into the cars, full and satisfied, and pulled away.

But the day was only half over! It wasn’t too long before we pulled up in front of a big, stone gate. Some intrepid readers of the Prince of Tennis manga might recognize this place: Daystar Golf Resort.

Do you?

Stay tuned tomorrow, where I finish our day!
Also coming later this week: Real work on the series begins!! Something beyond awesome happens! Then, a tragedy strikes.. 🙁

See you soon!

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