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My neighborhood in rural Tokyo (part: the last!)

Obviously, I really, really love walking around my neighborhood and taking a ton of pictures. *^^*

These are the last specifically of “my neighborhood,” for now, but there will be many, many more in the future, I’m sure! Once I start up the “this week in Japan” posts again, surely I’ll have a million more. I will do that very shortly, along with Video Fridays! I’m teaching myself how to edit videos on the ipad, so it should be fun. ^^

Picking up where I left off…

This is a really green time of year!

I seriously thought that it was never going to get here. Ever. Ever ever. The winter was so cold and long… more than half a year I was freezing my butt off! Brrrrr…

The heat came on fast, as did the wind! That poor Lawson flag.

This time, I went for a bit more of an artsy feel with the photos. *^^*

I especially love this one. This is the same canal that the boys were playing in a few days before. *^^*

Fields and fields of rice, just going on and on…

There are even plants growing in the cracks..

I mean, grass is everywhere. Living in the city center for such a long time, I started to miss greenery. That’s something great about living in the suburbs of Tokyo. There is a lot more green.

If I had had my zoom lens, I could have gotten a better picture of this guy running, I’m sure!

Since I’d already snapped hundreds of photos, though, I was on the lookout for anything interesting. At first, I honed in on neat objects.

And then, predictably, on flowers.

And eventually on people!

What I could get of people, anyway.

I did eventually turn around and walk home, as the sun was setting..

Not without getting these shots first, though! Let me introduce “sweat-wicking pads.” Because Japan has yet to discover antiperspirant that works, these awful things are really, really popular with the ladies. They stick on to the inner armpits of your shirt, and create a barrier. It’s like a maxi pad for your armpit!

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And then, this drink machine. OH, JAPAN…

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Tomorrow… I’ll take you inside of a 100 yen shop. They’re like American dollar stores, only better!

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