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A lot of pictures from my hiatus!

While I’m in the process of cleaning out the sludge of two years of mostly-wasted memories, I want to upload a few choice pictures from the last few months!

Please enjoy! (^o^)/

My friend Marianne enjoying a pomegranite margarita. I don’t drink, but many of my girlfriends enjoy a girly drink every once in a while. ^^

By the way, in the US I never used the term “girlfriend.” I felt that it had the connotation of, well, lesbianism. I obviously have nothing against lesbianism myself (I am non-choosy in the gender of whom I fall in love with), I didn’t want things to get confusing when these are just platonic friends.

But living in Japan and making friends who came from other english-speaking countries, I found that they used the term “girlfriend” to refer to a platonic friend. Also, in Japan “date” is used all the time to refer to a gathering of girls.

Maybe it’s tongue-in-cheek, I don’t know. But I sort of fell into using it. I should be more careful, though. While I don’t have any plans to date anyone, and there’s nobody that I want to date, if I at one time have a girlfriend, as in the romantic kind, it could get confusing, right?

Yametoku! (Ï’ll put a stopper in it.)

What a random thought.. but it’s a thought that never would have occurred to me before I moved to Japan. For those of you from the US, what do you think about the term “girlfriend”?

Back to the pictures!

These are a few pictures taken inside of Mitaka station, on the way to see the Plum Blossoms.

Here are some pictures taken during the filming of my TV show!

Outside the window of the Asahi TV building in Harajuku:

Inside one of the editing rooms:

My director in the chair closest to the camera. He is a genius!

So embarrassing! It’s a ton of fun to do, but I hate watching myself! ^^;

Me and Yuka, who is a voice-actress. She’s really gotten popular recently, and she does the voice-overs for my tv show. ^^ You can find out more about my TV show in the links at the top of the blog. ^^ Sorry that it’s not available abroad! Maybe I can work something out sometime, or I can make a show on my own!

A random Starbucks.

Randomly, the gate to Meiji-jingu shrine around the corner from Harajuku station:

Some salarymen/women lining up to go in an elevator. For some reason, I found this funny, and… sad. Say no to conformity! ^^

A cold, cloudy winter day.

A few years ago, a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop opened up across the street from Shinjuku station. for the first year or so, no matter how freezing it was, even if there was frozen rain blowing in icy sheets across the waiting customers, people would line up for two or three hours just to get the opportunity to buy a box of 12 glazed doughnuts. During that time they often gave out free doughnuts to waiting people. Sometimes, you still have to wait 30 minutes or more, and there are no free doughnuts without a purchase. I love doughnuts, but I hate waiting, so I only dip in if there is no line!

The Empire State Building.. not!

Across this somewhat picturesque boardwalk is the Shinjuku South branch of Kinokuniya. They have a really decent selection of foreign books on the sixth floor.

Past the boardwalk..

Here is where you board the knight bus highway bus, AKA the cheaper-than-a-shinkansen way to travel somewhere!

Can you see why I took a picture of this?

The Sports coliseum in Harajuku.

A random cool-looking advertisement in Shibuya.

Walking home from my station to my new apartment, I thought the sunset was really gorgeous.

And to prove that snow happens in Tokyo, a freak snowstorm on the 29th of February, the day after I moved into my new apartment!

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