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Asakusa and the temple

The end of the year in Japan is such a busy time. Bounenkais, or end-of-the-year parties, are all over the place. You have them for work, with schoolmates, with friends, with acquaintances, you name it! Then there’s Christmas, and New Years itself. Plus, of course, all of the work that needs to be finished before the holidays, too!


But, multitasking is my specialty! *^^* A few times over the last week, I found myself in Asakusa.

Smack-dab right in the middle of Tokyo, Asakusa is a huge temple with a big shopping street attached with really pretty japanese things. It’s very touristy in that way, but there’s nothing wrong with that, right? ^^

The only thing that I don’t like is that it’s pretty much always packed with people. Sometimes it’s so packed that you can’t even move! It makes it really hard to take good pictures. ^^;

Oh well.. I didn’t have much time anyways, so I just snapped a few pictures so that I could share them here! =^^=

I thought this bathroom sign was really cute!

Next year is the year of the dragon! (YAY!) Who is a dragon? (I’m a monkey)

This pagoda is really famous. It’s hard to get a good picture, though, since you can’t see it all the way to the ground!

Want to buy traditional clothes? This is your place! *^^*

And right now, there are tons of New Years decorations hanging above the shotengai (shopping street) that leads down the middle of the path to the temple.

Senbei, aka rice crackers. I guess they’re like a cross between American-style rice crackers and well… crackers. XD A cracker with the texture of popped rice. ^^

Pretty lanterns. ^^

And then the golden grail: Sensoji temple! *^^*

I’ll talk about it more later on, but Tokyo Sky Tree is the new big thing in Japan. It’s a replacement for Tokyo Tower, both as a tourist attraction and as a radio/tv broadcast tower.

You can’t go up the tower until next May, though. ^o^;

What do you think of this shot? ^^

Some girls enjoying the paper fortunes that they sell at the temple. ^^

Like I said… I’ll talk more about Tokyo Sky tree later!! I really want to go up in it… even though I’ve never been up in Tokyo Tower before!

It’s so expensive to go up in Tokyo Tower…. maybe it will get cheaper now that the Sky Tree is about to open!

Talk to you all soon! Please, leave me lots of comments and help me get out of this funk! *^^*

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