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Tokyo Cosmetic Collection 2011

A little while ago, I was invited by my longtime friend Jenya to attend the Tokyo Cosmetic Collection conference.

Here is their official homepage: http://www.cosmetic-collection.jp/

I’ve never been to something like this before, so I was really excited! I thought it would also be a nice change to have some girl-time. *^^*

Jenya was lovely, as always! I, unfortunately, had injured my eyes, so I looked like a monster! LOL I didn’t feel like dressing up, which is why there were no pictures of me. 😀 I’ll make up for it later, promise! *^^*

The event was held in Yokohama Arena, which is a gorgeous place. But we were late, so there wasn’t any time to take pictures outside, unfortunately! ^^;

It was actually more of… a smallish cement room filled with booths. There was little in the way of samples, sadly!! But I did enjoy it nonetheless. I rarely get the chance to go to something like this!

Some of the attendees. A lot of girls were out in their best. The dress code was “something red.” Which, as someone who can rarely afford to shop these days, I didn’t own anything red! LOL, it’s my favorite color too! I Put a ribbon into my hair, but eventually just tied it on my bag instead.

A girl getting makeup put on. I didn’t get any put on, since I’d done my makeup before I left. I wouldn’t dream of going to an event like this without any makeup on! That’s the point, after all, lol!! (Not that it mattered with my eye like it was, lol)

Some jewelry….

These are actually face mist bottles, or something like that.

Isn’t this girl’s dress gorgeous? Apparently this skin care line was designed by a famous wedding dress designer.

Jenya getting photographed for the competition. *^^* Isn’t she cute? I wish that I could be cute like that! 🙂

Some pretty, but expensive eyeshadow.

Getting interviewed. Apparently if the station used your interview on the air, you would get some unspecified special prizes delivered to your home! I would have done it, but again.. my eye. XD But it’s no big deal. I’ve been feeling pretty shy recently, to be honest.

Other gorgeous girls waiting to be interviewed… That girl on the end is so thin..

Not nearly as thin as this girl, though! (You’ll see later)

Pretty soaps..

These look like cell phones, but they weren’t.. I don’t remember what they were though! See how much I need them? lol

This, ahem… item. Is not what it looks like. Apparently it’s also a face mister.


Makeup that had been handled by many, many girls.

Moisture from space (not really)!

Jenya takes in the space water. Did I mention, Jenya is a real-life seiyuu? Maybe you’ve heard her in some anime sometime?

I liked her hair brooch a lot. These are really popular in Japan this winter. ^^ I wonder where I can get one..

These… I don’t know what they are.. but they make me dizzy!

There was free campari there! Unfortunately, campari is not that great. But it was free, and it was the only option, so why not? ^^;

Mascara? It would have been cooler if we could take it 🙂

A Christmas tree made of face lotion… lol! We did get tiny samples, but I haven’t tried mine yet..

More pretty girls. ^^

This eyeshadow was hands-down amazing!! I don’t usually like cream eyeshadows, but I loved this one!

Unfortunately, it’s very expensive! But I still want the Techno Gold… soooo, so badly!
Here is there homepage: http://www.shiseido.com/shimmering-cream-eye-color/9990000000076,default,pd.html

Another girl getting makeup put on.

See what I meant by “very skinny”? Maybe she tried the diet that I talked about a few weeks ago?

And a girl with another gorgeous hairpiece takes us out… *^-^*

It was a very nice afternoon… If I go again, though, I hope that they have a lot more free samples! *^o^*

After all, that’s the whole point of going!

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