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Japan’s Cheese Day 2011

Today was such a gorgeous day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and my friends were out in abundance 🙂 So what did we do? We went off to celebrate Cheese day (which was actually yesterday, but more people were excited about 11.11.2011 yesterday)!

There was a tiny Cheese Day festival in Harajuku, so my friend Adele and I, both being cheese lovers, trekked out to see it.

To be honest, it turned out to be kind of a boring festival. Even though they had a cute mascot, it was basically just a big place to buy expensive cheese. But at least they had free samples! We were there less than an hour– about half the time that it took me to get there and back. LOL

The festival was in a rather boring building used as an “event hall”.

This was the mascot. Isn’t it adorable?!! If they had sold little plushies, I would have totally bought one! Bad marketing, there!

Despite that (and probably because there was free cheese samples), the small room was PACKED.

There was also a guidebook, but it only listed what cheese were on sale at which table! Sad!

Inviting her daddy to the festival, probably. “Cheese is good for your digestion, Daddy.”

Girls buying cheese.

Lotsa peoples!

My tickets to get free samples of cheese.


My free cheese swag! It turned out that all of them were cream cheese (I don’t like cream cheese!), so I only got to eat the blue cheese. But at least it was delicious!

In addition to the cheese, there was wine (I’m not fond of wine) for sale as well as fancy juices in Peter Rabbit bottles! They were really cheap (200 yen!), so I brought a few home with me. This turned out to be a bad idea, though, as while 3 bottles are delicious, they are also heavy, and remember… riding trains and walking are my only options home. 🙁 I’m drinking one now though, because I have a cold!

Sharing a standing table with strangers. Cheese brings us all together ♥

My cohort Adele (an English teacher and excellent seamstress, by the way) taking a picture of her cheese. She also loves photographing anything and everything!

Sorry that I look windblown and tired, but– cheese!! Yum! 🙂

Adele likes wine 🙂

Little girls look good with cheese!

On the way out, I wondered what this couple was looking at..

It turned out to be these!

BS? The only BS is that I couldn’t just walk away with this delicious wheel of cheese!!

My conclusion for the day: Love the free cheese, but next year ganbatte a little harder, Japanese cheese peoples! (^o^)/

I guess it could stem from the fact that the Japanese really don’t eat much cheese. 7 years ago when I first moved here, I could never find cheese. Never, ever. Most supermarkets didn’t carry it. Nowadays, it’s easy to find sliced “processed cheese,” which is not really cheese as much as it’s flavored oil. But really good cheese is still mainly sold in import and specialty shops. It sucks for me, since I really, really love cheese!

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