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How to lose weight in Japan: Beauty Treatments!

Adding onto my post from yesterday, I thought you guys might enjoy seeing one of the fads for losing weight that is just huge here.

Huge huge huge! I see it advertised everywhere I go, especially the train. (Don’t be too surprised if it shows up in the ads on this page at one point, even! It’s all keyword-generated, so..)

How would you like to go from the girl on the Left to the girl on the Right?

The ad says that she achieved all of this in just three months:
* She lost 16.35 kg (36 lbs)
* Lost 21.9 cm from her waistline (8.6 in)
* Lost 7.1 cm from her upper arm (2.79 in)
* Lost 10 cm from her upper thighs (3.9 in)
* Is happy because she can finally choose to buy the clothes that she thinks are cute, instead of whatever fits.

Think that it’s outrageous that she wouldn’t be able to find her size in Japan? Then you should take a look at my last post again. ^o^;

It’s not that her size isn’t sold in Japan. She’s not that big at all! But the new her is the only one able to fit into all of the latest fashions. But that’s the way that Japan, a society obsessed with how one appears to others, works. Don’t fit in? Well, then you had darned well better kill yourself trying!

Lately, some people are speaking out and challenging the norms, but it’s still an uphill battle, I think. Take it from someone who will never, ever look like the rest of the population. I could theoretically tan myself a bit, dye my hair black, get implanted snaggleteeth, and wear dark brown contacts, but I’ll never able to become short enough to not attract attention here. Oh well!

Back to the topic: Want to learn how to do all of this without lifting a finger (of your own)?

Welcome to Japanese ESTE!

(Este are basically cosmetic treatments like massages, wraps, and… other things. Read on, fair traveller!)

Use ultrasonic waves in order to get rid of cellulite and fat. It’s like magic!

Get a massage that breaks up the fat! When your midsection feels really soft, then you know that you’re ready to start losing!

Get rid of your (water) weight by being painted with hot wax! Yay!

See how much you can lose in just three months of this treatment?

(I hope that you can tell that I’m doing all of this tongue-in-cheek). I don’t know how much truth is in this, I am just reporting it for what it is: a really, really popular weight-loss fad in Japan!

Banish the cellulite on your hips with ultrasonic waves!

Massage the buttocks to break up that fat! (similar to the stomach exercise above)

Get your blood flowing and make your skin beautiful with a leg massage! (up to the knee)

The before-after pictures of the above treatments. If you follow the regimen for 3 months, this will happen to you! Or so they claim. (Except they don’t, because as all good ads do, it says “results may vary. Not guaranteed.”)

Upper-arm massage. See a pattern here?

Make your skin soft and shiny with a salt & mineral scrub. (I admit, I bet this one feels GOOD!)

“Getting cold is the enemy of the diet!” A hot oil massage apparently prepares you for losing that stubborn weight!

“Now that I’ve lost all of this weight, I had the confidence to bare my upper arms! For Christmas I’ll definitely go sleeveless!” (Umm..)

So, um.. what do you think? Ready to run out and give it a shot? Think it’s all a sham/wishful thinking? Lost your faith in humanity?

Let me know in the comments below!! (^o^)/

PS: These salons are ALL over Tokyo. You can’t miss them! But in case you do, this is the one I tore apart today: Takano Yuri Salon 🙂

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