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Behind the scenes on a Japanese TV show *^-^*

My main job right now, ever since I quit my manga assistant job, is appearing on a weekly tv show. It’s called Asahi Pop’n Press and airs every Saturday morning (sorry, only in Japan for now!).

Here is the homepage, with the TV listings: http://www.hab.co.jp/app/

It’s a lot of fun for me to do, and I learn a lot of new things!! =^^=

Anyways, this time I took my camera with me and managed to get a few shots in between takes. (I’m in every scene, so there isn’t that much time!) Tomomi Shimada, my cohort, filled in with pictures in the meantime. ^^

I can’t really talk about the subject of our shooting too much because it hasn’t aired yet, but I’ll share a few pictures! =^^=


Pop’n Press’ Assistant Director and me!

Camera and sound guy and me ^^

Practicing a scene ^^

My director holding a card with some of my lines written on it (he doesn’t usually make them for me, but this time he did!).


This time, we left the studio to learn to make Tatami mats!

Tomomi-chan power!

Who knows what I was doing! LOL

Back to the tatami studio!


There is also a machine, though.

Here are some of the discarded pieces left over from the tatami mat top. ^^

Being silly!

And that’s that!

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