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Pictures from the EU Embassy Inauguration ceremony

It sounds kinda boring, but there are no pictures of the boring political parts– just the gorgeous grounds and FOOD! Food like I’d love to eat every day! OMNOMNOM!!

I was at the EU Embassy of Tokyo Inauguration ceremony helping a friend do some camera work on Wednesday. It was a lot of fun! I love working cameras!

Without further ado, pictuuuuuuuuuures!!

↓↓ Shots from the control room.

↓↓ The conference room.

↓↓ Mmmmmm! Delicious, scrumptious dried meat of love!

↓↓ OMG, this strawberry shortcake was delicious!

↓↓ This raspberry chocolate one was even better!

↓↓ Finger food :3

↓↓ There were butlers!! nomg!

More shots from the conference room. I was really back and forth!

What do you think? It’s a world that I never really get to participate in. A world where in exchange for having to listen to a boring ceremony, you get tons of free food! Of course, you have to wear a suit, so it may not be as good as it sounds 🙂

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