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Inside a Japanese electronics store

Two days ago, while I was out and about I thought, What if I try taking pictures inside of an electronics store without getting kicked out?

I got away with a few, and what a rush!

Tomorrow, I am going to try it inside of a convenience store! Much smaller, but they sometimes play loud music, so I might be able to get away without them hearing the very very loud click of the shutter on my Pentax.

Hehehe :3

Here are the fruits of my labor:

This particular electronics store is inside of a large building near Aobadai station on the Denentoshi line.

It’s called Ishimaru Denki. (Ishimaru means “rock circle,” if you want to get technical)
Here is their homepage: http://ishimaru.jp/

Here I come!

Nobody stops me even though I’ve got a huge camera hanging off of my neck. The shutter sound is really loud, too, but there is kinda loud pop music playing. Lucky me! They’d definitely kick me out if they caught me taking pictures! (You know, since I could sell them to the competition, or something…)

Here are some random smartphones being offered right now. I’m an iphone user, but I have to admit that there are some cute Android phones out there!

Up-close and personal 🙂


The Harry Potter box set comes out next month! I don’t have a blu-ray player yet, but I want it.. ^o^;

A Winnie-the-Pooh cup :3

I see some breadmakers.

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Soft anka is what it says. An anka is a little electric foot/bed warmer. I guess they’re on sale!

TV/movie star Nakama Yukie advertising some beauty products. She’s a spokesperson for Panasonic products, so she is always all over billboards/posters/stores everywhere!

They’re cute, but do they really work? Anyone tried one?

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These look like fancy coffee makers to me 🙂

Those darn bread makers again! I’m very intrigued, but they are very expensive desu..

Ehehe, what I really want is one of those massage chairs in the background!

A rice cooker for only 17,800 yen? (almost $180) SIGN ME UP!

At this point, some of the employees were eyeing me suspiciously, so I headed out.. ToT

But never fear! I will definitely, definitely be back!

Tomorrow, I will try to conquer a conbini! Lawsons, here we come! (More about this after the fact!)

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