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Things I love about Japan: Inagaki Saki ♡

I needed a post category to be able to talk about things that I love about Japan. Things that I probably never would have encountered if I had never come here. Things that I really, honestly believe enriched my life! =^o^=

The first in a long list is Inagaki Saki. Aka Saki-chan. Or more accurately, the Osaka TV show that she stars in: Loke Mitsu.

Here is the story:
It all started two years ago. My bf turned on the tv and said, “You have to see this. It’s really hilarious!”

What he turned on was a taped (hard-disked? What do you call it when you tape something onto the tv using it’s internal hard disc?), anyways, it was an episode of a TV show called Loke Mitsu, somewhere in the middle of the first season.

This is what I saw:

At first I was like,


I mean, here was a girl running around dressed like Asuka Langley, the super-popular character from the anime Shin Seki Evangelion.

Okay, sure.

I mean, not really a big deal. She was kind of loud, and a little bit annoying. But then, I realized that she was running around in an Asuka costume being loud and annoying in rural Japan. You know, the part of Japan filled with old people living in traditional houses. Many of them were farmers and fishers, and there don’t really seem to be a lot of girls running around in bright orange wigs. I found the juxtaposition hilarious, and the most I watched, the more I got sucked in, because despite all of the gimmicky “cosplay” aspect of her show, she was actually really, really adorable!

I mean..

It’s hard to describe, but she hit my “kawaii” meter big-time! ♥

Ever since then, I’ve been in love with her, and it’s the only Japanese tv show that I’ve tuned into every week, for well over a year. I really wanted to meet her, but she lives in Osaka, which is a few hours and a few hundred dollars away. (Osaka/Kyoto is the old capitol of Japan, before it moved to Edo/Tokyo) But last summer, she was in Tokyo on a promotion tour for the newest DVD of her TV show. (Actually, Loke Mitsu has a bunch of different characters who have segments on the show, but Saki is the only one who became popular enough to release hers on DVD).

And since she was in Tokyo, I asked my lovely editor Yoko at Asahi Weekly to help me get an interview for my column!


Aside from meeting some cast members from the Prince of Tennis musical in the past, Saki has been the only genoujin (Actor/Personality) that I think I’ve really wanted to meet. (I don’t think Mangaka count as Genoujin.. right?) I was so excited! And of course, since he introduced me to her, and was such a big fan himself, I brought along my boyfriend.

He took this video of us: (that guy’s voice is his)

Yoko sent me these pictures when I asked her for the best ones that she’d taken during the interview:

The interview took place in her agency’s Tokyo office, in downtown Shinjuku. Isn’t she adorable?

I didn’t have a camera anymore at the time (it had recently been broken), or I would have taken some pictures of the office too!

I’m sure she was acting, since an interview is technically “work,” but she was exactly like she is on tv. Super-outspoken, super-loud, and super-cute!

By my bf’s request, I asked her to teach me her “Saki-chan dance.” (Our name for it– she said there wasn’t any name! This must be remedied!)

I have a long way to go before I can do awesome poses like that! Is it narcissistic to practice in the mirror?

[poll id=”48″]

I could barely believe my luck, but she GAVE ME the DVDs! Well, her manager, a nice short lady, did 🙂 🙂 🙂 The boyfriend, too. But while I watched mine right away, he insisted on keeping his in the plastic, “to preserve them.” Nerd. I love him 🙂

By the way, here is another commercial for the DVDs:

I really wish that I could share her show with you in english. But alas, there is no english versions, and no youtube anything. T-T I’d love to see it come out in english sometime! If nothing else, anime fans would love it!

(I, um.. well, there are torrents of the first DVD set, here.)

Give it a try, and then if you like it, by all means please buy the DVDs! You can get them on Amazon Japan, and they are well worth it! They’re also cheap for a Japanese DVD:

Loke Mitsu DVDs are here!

I’ll always follow her on Loke Mitsu. 🙂 I hope that we can meet again sometime! By that time, I’d like to be able to propose that we do a tv show together! But next to her, I probably look a little boring.

Anyone have any ideas to spice up/improve my image?
Please leave a comment!!!

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