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Random people of Tokyo

I admit, I take way too many pictures of people around me.

…But what can I say, I love people!! I love looking at the people around me, and making up stories about them. These are just a few of the people that I saw recently walking the streets of Tokyo; anyone want to help me make up stories about them? (*^-^*)


This lady might have been on her way to work. But, see.. she was in Akihabara. What kind of cool job do you think she does?


This guy is giving me a strange stare. Surely it’s not because I’m taking pictures, but because he is wondering if…?


This attractive lady in red looks like she has something to say. What is it?


Now, here is one attractive MAN! Hubba hubba!

Perhaps her coffee is too bitter today?

The Colonel seems to be in a good mood today!

How long do you think they’ve known each other?

You’d think that it’s all about the man in the blue shirt there, but what interests me is the man on the right..

Where is he going?

What is he carrying?

I must know.

Just crossing the street.


Do you know Saki-chan?

Possibly a Johnny’s boy in hiding.

Not Johnny’s boys. But possibly lovers? Or “just friends”?

So many Salarymen in Tokyo.

Most people think that this guy is just advertising parking, but in reality..

Strange guy I met in Ginza (:D)

A minute later her boyfriend (or a guy that seemed like it) showed up. I wonder where they went. Do you think he got lucky that night? She’s smiling, at least at the moment..

She looks lost. Maybe she saw Godzilla?

They are just amused by the shop being named “Furly,” for sure!

This lady is clutching her chest, as if there is something powerful weighing on her mind.

Anonymous Salaryman again. Where did he go to that night? Home? To his mother’s house? To his mistresses’ house? We will never know.

But I want to know.

Man, I am such an awful person. Maybe I should stop taking photos of interesting people on the street. ^o^;;;;;;;;

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