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Strange Japanese Toilets.. (oh how I Love you..)

Just because I thought you guys needed another post about bathrooms!

Why is this here? Because I mentioned that I’d posted about my bathtub to my boyfriend, and he said, “Hey! Oh! I KNOW!!!”

*pulls out his iPhone on the train and looks through Google Street view for about 5 mins*

“You should post about this! It’s right down the street. :3”

Okay, he left out the “:3”, but the rest is a true story (just put it in Japanese.) I love him. We’re a match made in heaven :3

It was right down the street, next to my hospital, in a public park. And you could SMELL it down the block.

∥wc∥ ヽ( ´ー`)ノ

It looks so unassuming on the outside.. Of course, the real horror lives on the inside. Much like the aliens in Alien.

It’s true nature comes out..

This toilet is equal opportunity!

From another angle, you can’t even tell it’s a toilet! Well, if you can’t smell it, that is! (you can! Smell it, that is! From like, a mile away.. (o´Д`)=з)

Let’s go round the corner..

Just a bit more..

Hey, someone opened the door..

Imagine this… you’ve drank a whole liter of delicious green tea(or soda), and you NEED to go to the bathroom.

SO BADLY that you go as far as to touch this door, and even this isn’t bad enough to force you away!

Until you bend down to take off your pants……………
(Zoom lens. ZOOM LENS!)


It gets even better!

You see the clever no smoking sign, and deduce that it’s because any spark would send the entire ammonia-ridden place up in instant flames!

You back up slowly, hitching your pants back up around your hips.

Yeah, I think I’ll use the toilet across the street.

Maybe the lady on the right would like to use it, instead? ㌧㌧(*゜▽゜;)ノノ゛☆ll WC ll

Those water drips…. Well, uh, there is no water to drip, if you get my meaning. Clean enough to eat off of, right!


Public toilets y/n? 🙂

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