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Inside the Hello Kitty HQ

You know, when I was in college, I got my first taste of Hello Kitty. Okay, true, I’d seen her video sitting on the shelf in the video rental store for most of my child life(?), but I’d never seen it. As far as I recall.

But then I moved to college in Arizona, and in Arizona Mills, one of the bigger malls downtown, there was a little shop called Sanrio. Of course, all of my friends called it the Hello Kitty shop, though. I suppose it’s because she was the only character in it that we’d ever really heard of.

To be honest, I went there with my friends on occasion, but the only thing I ever bought the entire time I lived in Arizona was some glitter mascara. For me, who normally didn’t wear any makeup at all, this was huge (actually, it was for a Petshop of Horrors cosplay!). That mascara traveled with me to Japan, and although it went clumpy a long time ago and the Hello Kitty eventually fell off of the tube, it was a special treasure for me. My first and only piece of Hello Kitty merchandise 🙂

I just felt like sharing that story with you. (´∀`*)

Mainly because I found these photos that have never been published just sitting around on my hard drive! =3 The time was last fall, right when it was getting chilly out, and Asahi Weekly got me the chance to interview Yamaguchi Yuko, the designer for Hello Kitty, and tour the Sanrio offices!

Even though I can’t say that I am the biggest Hello Kitty fan, or even a fan at all, I think that I walked out there a little bit of a fan. 🙂 It was interesting meeting a really successful designer, and getting advice from her on how to create characters that do well. What did she say?

Listen to your fans.

It’s a piece of advice that I think about to this day. It’s probably one of the best pieces of advice (job-related of course!) that I’ve ever received. =^-^=

Me and Yamaguchi Yuko. Guess which one I am! =D And Kitty-chan. 🙂

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Yuko said that this was a birthday present that the other designers in the office had made for her. Cool, isn’t it?!

Lots of kitties, everywhere!

My hair was very light back then, wasn’t it!

I think I want a swing like this at my wedding one day 🙂

Speaking of weddings!

Cart’o Sanrio! Sanrio is the company that owns Hello Kitty and her friends, btw ^^

Gya, the lamp!! omg.

Everything on this table is handmade 🙂

Disco call glitter kitty! Say that fifteen times fast!

* All images are copyright Sanrio, Yoko Morihiro, & Asahi Weekly =^-^=

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