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A Tokyo Sunrise

Tokyo welcomed me back with open arms.

It was virtually the same as I had left it. Most of my friends still lived there, most of the shops that I had loved were still there, even if some of them had changed locations. Most of all, the anime was still there.

But, was I ready to be back?

Honestly, I don’t know. When I went to Tokyo, it was early December and it was the first time since I’d left that I had bothered to come back. I  missed Japan, but I also didn’t.

I did manage to get some gorgeous photos of the sunrise the morning before I left.

And a panorama, a little later.

This photo of Mt. Fuji from the other side of the building.

I’ve been thinking a lot, and you know what? It’s time to stop looking back. It’s time to stop wondering where I should be. Instead, I should go out and find it.

I will be seeing you soon!

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