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In the Park Hyatt Tokyo, you are…

Well, I mean, I’m not! Your mileage may vary. Japanese and me are old friends, anyway.  The staff also spoke English pretty well, at least the times that I spoke to them in my native tongue, so there’s that!

I actually chose this title because the Park Hyatt Tokyo was the hotel that was used in the movie Lost in Translation. How cool is that? I love movie sites!

This trip marked the first time that I ever stayed in a hotel in Tokyo (I had never needed to when I had my own place!), and they didn’t disappoint in most fronts! I stayed at the Park Hyatt for the second portion of my trip, and the Disneyland hotel for the first (after a night at my friend Adrian’s). Since I’ll probably never stay here again, I had to document the experience with some photos!

Here, Thuy is ushering you in the front door. I haven’t gotten good at using a tripod to photograph myself, so you’ll have to make do with her, lol.

On the right is a spacious walk-in closet of sorts. By of-sorts, I mean that it branches out on the left into the bathroom. So it’s a sort-of closet, to me at least.

The aforementioned bathroom. The door in the back of this photo is the one that goes to the closet.

And the door that you see here goes out into the sleeping area/main room. It felt and looked like a spa! I imagined at the time that I would enjoy a really hot bath before I left Japan, but I sort of had to force my exhausted self into the tub one night, and it wasn’t really all that much fun as I just got sleepy. Oh well, onsen aren’t really my thing either. 😛

And here’s the main room! It was equipped with a stocked bar and coffee maker, etc.

My favorite thing next to the view was the TV. Okay, I enjoy tv shows, but I don’t even own a proper tv, so obviously TVs themselves aren’t that important to me. It was just that they had this really pretty, calming, music-only nature channel playing when we came in. I kept turning it back to that channel, because OMG so relaxing!

And then, yeah, the view. OMG the view…

More about that view next time! For now, I just want to say that it was a gorgeous hotel, and had an even more gorgeous view! It was pretty inconvenient, though, needing a taxi ride, a half-hour walk, or a long wait for a shuttle bus just to shuffle back and forth between the station and the hotel. I think that if you weren’t in Japan for sightseeing, it would be a nice place to stay. But if you want to come and go a lot, then it wouldn’t be worth the hassle. I’d choose something right on top of a station, even if it wasn’t a major hub like Shinjuku.

Have you ever stayed in the Park Hyatt Tokyo? Let me know!

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