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Enjoying ourselves at Tokyo Disneyland and GET SOME INSULATION, JAPAN!

I’m making so many decisions back here to make life easier and better, and just overall more geared toward my true self, you know? But just bear with me, guys… right now, it’s picture time!

Tokyo Disneyland was cold. Coooooooold cold cold! I  moved away from Japan because of constant cold like this. It was/is really hard to live in such frigid temperatures when the houses are not insulated but that’s actually perfectly acceptable to most (crazy) people there so nothing changes. Every Fall, Winter, and Spring that I lived in Japan, I wanted to scream: “It doesn’t have to be this way!! Demand insulation! Don’t just go with the status quo when there is a solution!” But, it’s Japan, a place that is notoriously slow to change when it really matters. Heated toilet seats with bidet, sure. Right next to the squatty potties. Cold? Don’t heat the whole house, just make up a little table with a blanket attached and a heater underneath so that half of you doesn’t freeze as long as you’re sitting at the table. Yeah, “innovations” like insulation are probably a long way off from getting installed in many Japanese homes. Some of the newer, very expensive buildings have them, but that’s like saying that living in a comfortable home is reserved only for the 1%. (Not that Hawaii is any better as most homes don’t have a/c, and trust me, it’s brutal in the summer). Oops, I’m ranting. I was supposed to share beautiful pictures of Tokyo Disneyland!

Let’s go!

Because Thuy and I were staying in the Disneyland Hotel, we were able to get into the park fifteen minutes early. That might not sound like much, but it was enough to get a fast pass to a popular ride of our choice and then practically walk onto another!

We grabbed Fast Passes for the Monsters Inc. ride, which is exclusive to Tokyo Disneyland…

And then realized that Space Mountain had no wait! It’s still my favorite ride, because there is nothing like whipping around in the dark between the planets, unsure of where you’re headed next! <3 Oh, I also grabbed a Japan-exclusive BB8 popcorn bucket, which Thuy is hanging onto here.

I didn’t know a lot about low-light photography yet and I didn’t have a tripod (and this has never stopped me before!), so this was what my photos of the inside came out like. It really was less than a 5 minute wait, most of which was just walking all the way in, so I didn’t really have time to experiment anyway!

I asked to sit in the front of the car, which was worth a slightly longer wait, trust me! It’s almost always worth it. Roller coasters are always best from the front, if you can get there.

Afterward, we headed off to Pooh’s Hunny Hunt, which is what I imagine being on hard drugs feels like. Drugs aren’t my thing, so I wouldn’t really know.

Meh. I prefer roller coasters. :3

Although It’s a Small World is pretty from the outside…

After walking around in the bitter cold for a bit, it was time to use our Fast Pass!

It was a blaster-type interactive game, which was really fun! I would have preferred if it had had a prize at the best for the top-scoring team, though. It felt anti-climatic, especially since I won. :3

Then, we went on over to the nearby Star Wars experience. It was mostly the same, but a bit different from what I remember. But then again, I’ve been going on this ride in CA Disneyland since the late 80s.

Here’s the thing… Thuy is a really, really big complainer. ALL THE TIME. She says that she’s trying to change that, but it really colored my experience at Disneyland, and in Japan in general. That’s why it’s taken me so long to write about it. I’m trying to look on the positive side looking back, but I still feel a bit bitter because as positive and genki as I am, I’m also idealistic, and it just wasn’t fun dealing with an almost-constant downer. It’s why we have broken up and gotten back together so many times. I like parts of her, but in other ways we just don’t fit. We are just friends at the moment.

I feel like I need to go to a professional stylist. My hair just looks messy no matter what I do!

Aren’t these girls adorable! Tokyo Disney Sea actually had a lot more girls in coordinated outfits walking around, but I hadn’t figured out how to work the camera well enough to get good photos.

We had Fast Passes next to my second-favorite ride!! (Third is Pirates) I prefer my haunted houses scary, but Disney just makes such an immersive experience in this ride that I love it A LOT nonetheless.

Funny decoration from outside.

I tried to get a better pic of the adorable pumpkin tree, but people kept being in line in the way, so this was the best I could do. This makes me so sad!

There was no line at all for Splash Mountain, so I really wanted to go, but someone else didn’t want to go. *sigh*

I loooooooove Mark Twain books. <3

And the sort of fake-beautified Western aesthetic. I’ve always loved “old west” styles. Quotes are because the actual old west was horribly dirty, violent, sexist, racist, and corrupted AF. So, no to the real Old West. Yes to the sort of beautified aesthetic.

We did get lucky that the park was pretty darn empty up until dusk and rain started to fall. We just left at that point.


Inside the Queen of Hearts cafe, where I had a crappy salad and white rice with soy sauce. Pretty much one of the only vegan-friendly foods available in the entirety of both Tokyo Disneylands. Yeah…. get with the picture and stop exploiting animals, Disney! *pushes against a brick wall* (Like I said, slow to change. VERRRRRY slow to care)

I’ve never been inside of Cinderella’s castle before. I had no idea that there was even anything up in there, but there was! Including this extra-tiny blowup doll of Cinderella herself….. ^-^;;

Lighting is terrible for a place meant for photos…

Food full of the misery of cows. It sure is pretty, though. (Sorry, I’m feeling kind of down right now)

Marketplace street.

My favorite photo <3

I think I needed a tripod and a lot of time to wait in order to get a good pic of the castle without anyone in it. Maybe next time.

And there we go! I will try hard to be more genki next time!

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  • Ali Konain

    Hello Jamie. I hope that you are in good health.
    I have this question in my mind, I was hoping if you could give me some guidance.
    According to you, traveling to Japan is not necessary in order to get our manga Published. But what if I want to train my art skills and I don’t have anyone at all! who could help me in improving my Manga Drawing Skills. In that case, would it be necessary for me to go to Japan and get hired by a Mangaka? If not then what should I do to improve them?

    Waiting for your guidance…

  • Okkie

    You are complaining about the cold but I’ve been in Japan two week ago and every shop, hotel lobby, museum, reataurant is at least 25º C in the shinkanzen to Sapporo 30º…. And people just keep their coats on!
    Is that compensation??


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