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So, I saw Hidden Figures last night…

I went to see Hidden Figures last night. I’ve been waiting for this movie since I first saw the trailer half a year ago, so even though it was at 10:10 and I am a definite early bird, I braved the night anyways.

It was really, really good! Not just the story itself, but how it made me think about uncomfortable things in ways that I sort of saw coming, but didn’t really. I knew what history was like, but I didn’t really know what it was like. At all. What I mean is, I didn’t live in the 50s and 60s, especially as a (brilliant) black woman, so no amount of research, reading, or movies could really make me understand what day-to-day life was like. The movie definitely made me sympathize, though, and you know it’s good when you feel just as frustrated by the inane obstacles placed in front of these brilliant women as they do.

The book is going right into my to-read list. It’s a good price on Amazon, but I’ll probably buy it at  my local B&N because it’s the only bookstore on Oahu and gosh darn it, it’s worth the extra dollar or two to keep brick&mortar here!


Ugh, it was SO frustrating to watch these women have to struggle to be heard. To have to go to court to get the right to take classes. To be the ONE person with a clue, and the ONE person solving every problem, inventing new math, and yet be excluded from everything! ARGH! I can’t even pretend to have been in that situation, but I bet that if it had been me, I would have been SO angry. I’m not very good about doing things with grace. Argh!

I know that POC were treated like this in history. Women, too. And it STILL goes on to some degree, which infuriates me. This never has been, and never will be right. There are a lot of other factors going into inequality too, like money and the lack thereof (that’s one way I can sympathize in some small way. I want to go to school again but can’t afford to), but skin tone was something that never should have happened.

I hope that this movie opens people’s eyes. Especially white males in the US. Because we need it to happen, and we need people to realize that it’s still going on. I am an ally, and I hope that soon, everyone else is, too, by default. Because, again, this kind of thing never should have happened. And it’s up to us to see an end for it once and for all.

You guys were, and are, heroes. It’s way past time that you receive the praise that you’re due. I am genuinely sorry that it came so late. ROCK ON, LADIES! And ROCK ON, FUTURE LADIES!

This has been the rambling of my consciousness. Please excuse any weird grammatical errors.

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