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Summer anime… and stuff!

Morning, minna! I’m on this kick right now where I’m trying to get back to who I used to be, but with improvements… Aka, bring back my old excitement about life but mix it with a much newer sense of wisdom and compassion. That sounds so deep! Anyways, I think that in my past I was more callous than I am now. Okay, I know that I was. Is that one of those “trappings of youth” things? That you’re more self-obsessed the younger you are? Now I acknowledge it if I know that I’ve hurt someone, and make good on it. Then I go back to trying to spread sunshine and happiness. If only that could be my full time job, to make people happy. :3

Anyway! Part of this revolution was looking into what anime were coming out this summer. I used to do that religiously, but I haven’t been watching much anime, and even with TV I’ve only been following a few series that rotate out over the course of the year. Right now, I’m watching Pretty Little Liars faithfully, of course (have been since the beginning), Reign, and America’s Got Talent, umm… and I think that’s it for what is currently on. Game of Thrones just ended another season, but they killed off one of my favorite characters (Margaery! *cries forever*), so I’m mad about that and let’s not talk about it….

Anime, no seriously… Umm, I’ve been watching Sailor Moon Crystal when I remember, and reading Hunter x Hunter when new chapters are out, OF COURSE! I added a bunch of stuff to my Crunchyroll queue, like Lost Village, Flying Witch, and Super Lovers, but other than She And Her Cat (which made me cry a river and was SO GOOD), I haven’t really been into it. Oh, and I’ve been watching Macross Delta, uh, not on Crunchyroll. Deculture yeah! But the feels are low for some reason. So, I thought… sure, I’ll try to find the enthusiasm to get to those, but let’s see what is starting this summer! So, I checked this page, and here are my thoughts:

91 Days: I’m not really into mafia stories (unless it involves Kurapica, of course), but this story looks dark and fast-paced, which I could really get into! I loved Parasyte, Monster, and 20th Century Boys, so I definitely want to give this one a try!

Amanchu!: Did you guys know that I want to become a certified diver? It’s so expensive, though! That’s something that I’m saving for. Anyway, that, plus the art style looking a lot like mine (the lashes! Yay!), I really want to watch this. I also love how the school uniforms for the girls are so long. That’s something that you don’t really see outside of MariMite (which I found really boring). Cosplay possibilities? Yes?

Orange: AHHHHH! ORANGE! I remember writing someday way back when about how much I loved this manga! I got into it right after it started running in Bessatsu Margaret. It was actually the first time in a while that I completely fell in love with a new manga, and I was really torn when it was announced that the series was being discontinued. It had something to do with a problem with the mangaka. But a year or so ago, I found out that not only had it just been continued, it was becoming an anime! SOMETHING I’D TOTALLY FORGOTTEN ABOUT UNTIL NOW! It was fate, FATE that I checked this anime page. Definitely watching.

That’s all that stuck out to me among the TV anime. Of course, the movie section has some goodies, though! Kimi no Na Wa is a definite. Tbh, the story doesn’t sound original or all that interesting, but it’s by Makoto Shinkai, which means that I have to watch it based on the animation/background visuals alone. Seriously. If you haven’t seen Makoto Shinkai’s anime before, watch one. You will NOT regret it. They’re like nature’s beauty on stereoids, and I need a book full of stills from the backgrounds of his anime almost as much as I need to eat! OMG.

There’s also Koe no Katachi, which I loooooooved the concept of, and felt lukewarm about the actual manga way back when. But again, I LOVE the concept, so I definitely want to see the movie. Plus, it’s really sweet that they’re showing subtitled versions in theaters in Japan for the hearing impaired! Seeing as how it’s about a deaf student and the boy who bullied her as a little kid, it’s very fitting.

Now I have to get ready to go to the beach…. will write more later! Ja ne!

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  • Mona

    These three anime of spring season are one of the best. Flying witch is a very heart warming and light series. The lost village is a bit of dark anime but still good. Super lovers the characters all bishonen and the story is quite good. I hope you have the time to watch it 🙂

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