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My first time bouldering – in Waimea Bay

On Sunday, I went out with my girlfriend, roommate, and a few other friends to Waimea Bay on the North Shore.

Why? To go bouldering!

The gym down my street from our apartment is a bouldering gym, and Justin (le roommate) is a huge fan so Thuy started going, and then I started going, and we made more friends who also go (including James, who was a friend of mine during college but just moved to Honolulu too!). So, a few of us decided that we needed a getaway and went to try out doing this whole climbing thing outside!

I mostly worked on my photography skills, because I’m not a very strong climber, but I had a great time anyways! It’s winter, so it’s warm but not hot, and the waves were so strong that swimming wasn’t allowed! Not that that stopped a lot of people.

Want to see the photos that I took? Well, click here:

Starting out with a closeup of Thuy (wearing my clothes, lol)…

Then, I tried taking a few selfies. I’m going to experiment a lot with taking photos of myself, since I don’t have any photographers around to capture any! It’s really too bad that Thuy isn’t into photography!

The scenery was just gorgeous, no joke! And with the warm air and cool breeze, it was pretty much the perfect weather for going to the shoreline. <3

Here’s Justin, my roomie, climbing the rocks sideways. Seriously, the guy is like a monkey. This is nothing compared to what I’ve seen him do at the gym! I wish that I was that good. Oh man!

Joking about the chalk that climbers use to keep their hands dry making us look like coke addicts.

I tried! I didn’t get very far. To be honest, I love to try things, but I have a really strong sense of self-preservation, and I back out right away if something seems like it would seriously injure me. So I didn’t get very far. I’d like to get stronger so that I can do it better, though! Even though I go to the gym almost every day, though, I don’t seem to lose weight OR get any stronger. I’m not sure what to do any more to improve…

Taking more selfies is something that I’m better at, though!

Here’s a random lady walking on the beach that I used for my own purposes. Actually, I think that she was there illegally. We were on a closed-off section of beach that we got permission from the lifeguards to occupy. I doubt that anyone that later came over asked them. They probably just saw us and joined in, right? I really hate it when people do that. >.>

Ditto for this guy. Again, used for my purposes because it made a good photo and he was probably just an opportunist. :3

More of Justin climbing and being generally cool.

Thuy was a trooper. She was pretty amazing! I tried this wall, but my fingers kept slipping! The others have hard callouses, flaking skin, and dried-out fingers from climbing, but I refuse to do that to myself. I am really careful about my skin– I need it to mark up with copic markers when I draw! ;

This is Vincent, another friend who went with us. He goes to our gym, but this was my first time meeting him. He’s really funny, an anesthesiologist, and single, ladies! 😉

James with his new baby Ying, and Thuy, who just adores her. I don’t get the baby thing…. seriously, she is like a completely different person when she sees their babies and I don’t even know what to make of it. She squeals “she’s sooooo cuuuuuuuute!” At first I thought it was a joke, because Thuy is adamant about not wanting any children and she had never mentioned liking babies before we met Ying, but it’s apparently not a joke. She thinks babies are the most adorable thing ever! I definitely cannot relate to it… I think that kids that are like, over 5, are cute, but babies? Noooooo. They look like wrinkly bags of skin, and they can’t do anything…. Where is the appeal in that? (Never ask me to baby sit!)

This is Annie (Ying’s mother) and Vincent. Ahh! Even Annie did it, and she’s so petite! I am definitely the loser in the group when it comes to climbing! I can rock photos, though. :3

This is my favorite candid– Thuy, Annie, Ying, and Justin.


Annie and Ying.

The lonely beach.

But we got permission. :3

Me and Thuy, after I set the camera in the sand with a timer. I’m sort of meh on the placement, but it looks sorta neat anyways!

This piece of a surfboard washed up while we were sitting there, so someone, I didn’t see who, stuck it in the sand. I wonder what the board’s story is…

And that’s all she wrote! It’s bedtime as I write this, but I’m going to set it to post at midnight and see what happens!

Aloha and Oyasumi!

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