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Pumpkin patches in Hawaii!

Lately, I have been watching from abroad as the northern hemisphere turns orange and brown, and people don fall jackets and drink pumpkin spice lattes. You could argue that it’s better in Hawaii, where it’s still in the mid-80s every day, and the sky is blue and clear. We can still swim any day we want, trapped in our eternal summer.

But I totally miss fall.

It’s hot here, and there isn’t a respite from it. Granted, I’d prefer to be warm over being cold, but it’s not warm. It’s really hot.

So, I’m sure that I’m forgetting what fall is all about, but lately I’ve found myself browsing pictures of autumn leaves on Tumblr one too many times, and saved a huge folder of them to my hard drive. I guess you could say that I miss fall. Something that I honestly thought that I’d never say.

Anyways, I was idly wondering a while ago whether there were any pumpkin patches in Hawaii, and it TURNS OUT THAT THERE ARE! And they give free hay rides during October. I made immediate plans to go with my girlfriend, Thuy, and my roommate Justin.

This “trip” (quotes because it’s like a 25 minute drive from Honolulu, so it’s not really a trip at all) was in the works for two weeks, and yesterday morning, I woke up fresh and chipper. Which was funny, since I’d been so excited that I’d barely gotten any sleep! Thuy, though, was less than excited. She just wanted to sleep all day,or lay around. I had to practically drag her out to the car. Justin was a last-minute tag along, because he’s the type of guy who is game for almost anything!

I was the most excited, so I drove. I also loooooooooove driving, so there’s that! I got more excited the closer we got!

It turned out that they were running a sort of little carnival too, because it was the weekend, I guess. A pumpkin festival! It was really hot, so there weren’t that many people, but it wasn’t empty, either. I, sadly, forgot my sunscreen, but at least I’d remembered to bring water, so that was nice. 🙂

There was this cutie right inside the gate. A little vampumpkin!

Because it was so hot, and I was the only one who’d eaten breakfast (I had not only eaten, I’d also brought and drank a protein shake along the way. I’m trying to build up muscles! More about that another time…), we got some roasted corn. I had mine without butter, and with some lime-coconut spice rub that was just to die for! The corn was so sweet, and piping hot! It was actually really refreshing, even under the beating sun.

We sort of passed over the rides, as they were all for little kids. It’s almost as if the operators thought that little kids would get the most enjoyment out of an amusement park! I contest that assumption, and will prove it wrong any day. 🙂 But there were no rides for anyone taller than 3 feet, so we moved on to the “hay ride.”

Wellllllllllllll, I don’t know what I’d really expected.

Wait, that’s a lie. I had expected a little horse-drawn wagon where a few people would sit in piles of hay in the back, clomp off in a circle, and then come back. Something exactly like I’d experienced at pumpkin patches as a kid. But nope! The “hay ride” was a big train where we sat on covered bales of hay as they transported us to the “pumpkin patch.” Just wait…

(Below, people walking back. I guess they didn’t want to wait for the return train.)

Thuy was hot, but she said that she was glad that she went, and had fun. I’ve given up on warning her that there is no a/c in the outdoors and therefore she’ll be really hot wearing long sleeves. She never listens, and always overheats outside. And at my house, where there’s also no a/c.

We had to wait about 5 minutes for a wagon to arrive, and then we boarded.

Aren’t we cute?

Here are some shots of the field, carnival, and surrounding scenery along the ride.

And, so, finally, we arrived at the “pumpkin patch!” Yaaaaay!

Well, sort of. There wasn’t actually a pumpkin patch where we could pick the pumpkins, which is what I’d been hoping. After all, it did say that this place was a “pumpkin patch” on their website. Instead, we had a mountain of pumpkins. Mt. Eva (Eva is the district of the island that the farm is located). A pumpkin Mt. Eva. Cute to look at, but not exactly what I’d expected. Oh well.

Thuy, me, and Justin in front of Mt. Eva.

Mauna Kea is the volcano on Hawaii Island (the biggest one. Ours is the most populated, called Oahu island).

Thuy picked out a pumpkin, and brought it back on the train, while we took selfies and were generally cute.

The sad thing was, though, that she abandoned the pumpkin later and decided not to take it home. I chose another one, which is now on my living room table awaiting painting or something, but I still remember that poor little abandoned pumpkin. I hope that it found a good home.

Am I too sentimental? I don’t know… but in any case, it was a nice, but long, day at the pumpkin patch yesterday. My first, and probably last, one in Hawaii, since I think that I will leave the islands early next year. What do you think? I never thought that it would happen, but I’m really feeling the wanderlust again! I also feel really isolated here. I can’t just jump on a train and go anywhere (there are none). I can’t just go on a drive (I don’t have my own car, plus there is nowhere to go). It’s also really far from all of the cool anime events.

But the tropical beaches, and the heat. Oh, the delicious, warm heat!

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  • SoraCiel

    I feel your pain about the constant warmth in Hawaii. It is both a blessing and a curse. I felt much the same way last year when I was in Honolulu for a semester, pining for fall and feeling strange each time I stepped outside at night expecting the cold and receiving blankets of warm air instead. (The funny part was I actually started to get cold in anything 70 degrees or under.) But of course I love the islands intensely and plan to visit if I can before potentially returning to work in Japan. I’m curious where your wanderlust will guide you next.

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