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Meet Luna!

When I think about writing in my blog (which is every day), I begin by thinking about how little has changed and how there is little to write about… But as my thoughts wander, I realize that a lot of things have changed, actually, and I have a lot to write about. Like, a lot. A LOT. Oh gosh, a LOT. Then, I start to tally up all of the things that I want to write about, and I start to feel a little overwhelmed, and I see a huge, long, meandering blog post forming in my head that nobody will read all the way through, and I start to fret. WHERE DO I EVEN START?! WHERE DO I END?!? Then, I just decide that it’s too much trouble and move on to something else.

So, in the interest of not doing that, here I go and try to write about something that’s two months overdue: I have a new family member! Her name is Luna. Let me tell you Luna’s story so far:

Luna came into my life by chance, I suppose. Sort of. More like by fate, I guess? I felt like I needed to go to a pet store while I was walking in Ward outdoor mall here in Honolulu. I don’t remember why, but I feel like it was because I wanted to get Sansa a treat. So, I went to this pet store, and it turned out that they had a cat in a large cage in the window.

I was instantly drawn to her, as if someone had threaded a needle through my heart and poked it between the bars of her cage. I wasn’t looking for a cat. I’m just one person, and cats can get expensive when they’re sick,  and a lot to take care of when you’re the kind that is thinking about moving overseas soon (to CA, maybe), like I am. I already had Sansa. But I couldn’t stop looking at her. I went in and looked at her chart, which stated that her name was Luna, and that she had come from the Oahu SPCA, and that she was around three years old.

I now know that she’s actually probably around two, not three, but I digress. Same age as Sansa, I thought. She’s named after my favorite character from Harry Potter, too. This is fate. Adult cats don’t get adopted as often, I thought. She’s alone, I thought, too, she needs someone. Luna barely reacted to my touch when I opened the cage. She seemed bored, but as for me, my heart was aching. I went home feeling empty.

I couldn’t stand it, and after two friends volunteered to split her adoption fee because they wanted to see her find a home, too, I went down the next day, signed the papers, and took her home with me. Along the way, I was plagued with thoughts, what are you doing, Jamie? You can barely handle yourself, it’s crazy to add another life to that mix! 

But I couldn’t have left her, any more than I could have turned into a cat myself. I knew inside that her home was with me, and I had to see it through.

She was very, very skittish at first. Sansa, Bruce (my roommate’s cat), and Luna hissed and growled at each other, but I gave Luna free reign of my room for almost a week, while she got acclimated. Then, I let her explore the rest of the house on her own.

She opened up slowly, and she and Sansa started to get along. It’s been almost two months ago, and they are finally starting to love each other.


They’re not the best of friends yet, but they get along most of the time. I’m so proud of my kitties, and I feel like it was absolutely the right decision.

Luna has really blossomed. I don’t know anything about her life before me, but she has turned from a skittish cat that barely could stand to be touched into a kitty that loves to be petted, and loves to rub around the ankles of her human. It’s fascinating to watch her! She doesn’t like to be held much, and she’s iffy about snuggling, but she loves to be petted.

I can’t wait to see how she grows from here! <3 <3 <3

And that’s Luna. So far. 🙂

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