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Stolen glimpses of Waikiki and 6 months in Hawaii

Can you BELIEVE it? I’ve been in Hawaii for six months. That’s SIX MONTHS! WHOA.

Shouldn’t more, better things have happened in six months? Well… things just don’t always go your way. I’ve been bouncing around from job-that-makes-me-miserable to another-job-that-makes-me-miserable, with a few awesome things in-between. Like, I drew a cover for Sparkler Monthly (it isn’t up anymore, but you can see a tiny part of it there! By the way, Sparkler is awesome. Join it!!), and met up with people from Kawaii Kon (the big Hawaiian anime con), who offered me a free table in artist alley and are in talks with me over panels to host.

I’ve gone through a whole slew of emotions while I was here, from elation to peace, and depression. I know, right? Depression on one of the most beautiful islands in the world! I must be crazy! That can’t happen! Except that depression doesn’t work that way. I really wish that it did, because I’d recommend that everyone with the perpetual blues moved here! A friend remarked the other day that I was fun to be around because I was so happy all of the time. It’s just a facade, though. I make the happiness, because I want to be truly happy. If I mope around, then I will never get anything done, and I will never change my life. Which I really, really want to do!

I’m going to start updating every day, and talking about all sorts of things, including what I’m planning on, what’s been going on, and tons of pictures of all the random things that I can! Much like when I had a livejournal.

OH…. and some big announcements tomorrow. If I write them here, then I will definitely get things done! <3 Right now, I will leave you with some pictures that I took walking around Waikiki yesterday afternoon. It was really sunny and hot, and I just love taking photos as I walk along.


Are there any in particular that you like? I really appreciate the feedback! Usually, I just shoot a thousand things, and then edit it down to the few that I like. 😉

Ja, until tomorrow!

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  • zoomingjapan

    I’m so envious. I really would love to live in Hawaii.
    Yet I understand why you’re feeling depressed. As you know I’m going through a similar phase, only that I’m not in an awesome place at all and pretty much figured it would turn out like that anyway.

    I’m looking forward to regular updates! ^____^

    • Jamie Lynn Lano

      You will get there! I know that Germany is really cold right now, but you have the world’s most awesome car (really!), and I think that the country is so interesting. At least, maybe you can take some time to think about what is most important in your life, and how about starting a travel blog about Germany?

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