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Nu’uanu Pali State Wayside scenic lookout

Yesterday, I went hiking with two new friends! On our way, we stopped by something pretty cool, though. Nu-uanu Pali State Wayside scenic lookout! And scenic it was!

We were actually on our way to go hiking. Drea and Jill, my new friends (whom I met at Quidditch practice, and are actually sisters) are avid hikers. Once upon a time, I used to go hiking every once in a while. I really loved getting back in tune with nature, so when they asked me to go, I was like, YES!!! OH YES!!

Jill is leaving Hawaii to move back to California soon, but I think that bit by bit, Drea and I are going to explore every little nook and cranny of this place. Oahu is a lot smaller than, say, the main island of Japan, but it is really full of life. 

It was a warm and sunny day, as every day tends to be so far, but there weren’t too many people at the lookout. I came to Hawaii without a lot of preconceptions about what kinds of places I would be able to see pretty things, so I love getting little surprises like this!

We walked up the path, and there was a gnarled little tree. I loved it!

Closer, we got…

And walked out onto the platform…

And there was this gorgeousness. The vista took my breath away, as I walked to the edge, able to look out at the leeward (Northeast) side of the island. Breathtaking. (Right-click the image and save or click “view image” to see it blown up)

Nope, don’t know this guy, but he’s alright in my book. XD

These two Japanese girls were talking next to us. When I hear Japanese like this, I feel like I never left my home.

Oh, and here are Drea and Jill! You will see them in my next post as I cover our dirty little hiking trip! 😉

I’ll try to make that post tomorrow! See ya soon! ^_^ Am I making you want to come to visit me in Hawaii, yet?

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  • jaklumen

    I don’t know if Jenn ever mentioned this, but our maternal grandparents have a timeshare on Waikiki. I’m going to hazard a guess that maybe she secretly hopes our parents will take it over from them, as I do, but… we’ll see.

    I always remember my visit to Oahu fondly. Someday again, Jamie, someday. I’ll be sure to bring my girl along, who seems determined not only to be a mangaka, but also to grow tall enough to look both of us dead in the eye. Thank you again for all the support of her artwork.

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