Poland Canada Retirement Agreement

RESOLVED to reach an agreement to this effect, and the Government of Canada`s international social security agreements cover only Old Age Security and Canada`s pension benefits. If you have contributed to the PQ, but not to the CPC, please contact the Quebec Pension Plan. The following social security agreements are currently in force: the scope of the agreements is different. In general, it covers old age pensions, disability pensions, survivor`s pensions, workers` compensation or sickness benefits; and if both parties express their will, including health care, family allowances, unemployment benefits. If you are the widower, widower or child of a person who has contributed to the retirement programs of both countries, this agreement can help you qualify for these benefits: the competent authorities of the parties or agencies designated by these authorities may, by mutual agreement, change the application of Articles 6 to 8 to individuals or groups of people. If you have contributed to both Canada`s pension plan and the Polish pension program, or have lived in Canada and Poland, this agreement can help you qualify: the bilateral social security agreements concluded by Poland are based on international standards for such agreements, i.e. basic principles of coordination of social security systems: the agreement makes it easier for interested people to obtain German benefits for employment in the ghetto. The substantive and procedural issues relating to the granting and payment of these benefits remain the exclusive jurisdiction of the German side. As part of this agreement, German pensions for working in the ghetto are transferred to authorized persons residing in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

Bilateral social security agreements provide for the coordination of social security systems in Poland and the other contracting state. These agreements improve the situation of beneficiaries in the acquisition of social security benefits, as they are subject to the obligation of insurance coverage for all persons within the personal scope of the agreement. Bilateral social security agreements have the effect that the acquisition of the work of Polish citizens in a country linked to Poland by such an agreement always leads positively to the acquisition of the right to social benefits. . The Polish pension scheme is similar to the Canada pension scheme and covers most of the self-employed in Poland. as well as on the basis of Schedule II registration of Regulation 883/04: – the principle of aggregating insurance periods, if you are not entitled to a Canada pension benefit based on your KKPP contributions, Canada will consider your contribution periods to the Polish pension plan as periods of contribution to the Canada pension plan. The above sentence does not apply when the applicant requests that his entitlement to the benefit be delayed in accordance with the legislation of the other party. If you have lived or worked in Poland and Canada, or if you are a survivor of someone who has lived or worked in Poland and Canada, you may be entitled to pensions or benefits from Poland or Canada or both. The Social Security Agreement between Canada and the Republic of Poland came into force on October 1, 2009. Please attach all necessary supporting documents and send the application form to a Service Canada Centre or send it to: This Agreement applies to anyone subject to or subject to the legislation of one or both parties, as well as others who are the result of it.

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