Npg Management Agreement

The gallery`s funding contract is published as part of the annual report and the gallery does not agree on the level of service with the public, but its achievement with the objectives of the funding agreement, as agreed with the Ministry of Culture and Sport, is reflected in the annual report and the closing of the accounts Great Britain-Salford Human Resources Management Services The objectives of this research paper are 1) to study and compare philosophy. , the creation, nature, similarity and difference between the new public administration, the new public service and the new public administration; and 2) to propose guidelines for the implementation of the new public management, the new public service and the new public governance used in public administration. The population and sampling groups are 19 books, manuals, articles and research by subject. The search tools are the document survey form and the registration form. Data analysis uses content analysis and speech analysis. The results of the research showed that 1) New Public Management (NPM) had a philosophy and base focused on empirical and logical positivists. NPM`s elements and essences were a government that was catalytic, community-based, competitive, mission-oriented, results-oriented, customer-oriented, privatized, proactive, decentralized and market-oriented. New Public Service (NPS) had the philosophy and the normative base. The concept of NPS had seven meanings. They served as citizens, not clients, sought the public interest, valued citizenship as entrepreneurship, thought strategically and acted democratically, realized that accountability was not easy instead of directing and evaluating people, not just productivity.

The new public governance (NPG) had a normative philosophy and basis. The elements and essence of the NPG were the decentralization of local governments and civil society as a strong social partnership. The state reduced its role and authority, focused on networking, a diversity of mutual cooperation, trust, the norm of social exchange, sacrifice and social responsibility. The NPS is very different from the NPM in several respects. NPS had a resemblance in the philosophy and basis of NPG concepts. 2) The new public administration can be applied in public administration in several cases such as Cutback budgeting, Reduction in Force, Corporatization or privatization, Market Testing or Competition, Devolution of the Centralized Control, Downsizing, Performance Agreement, Contract Out or Outsourcing, etc. The new public service can, in many cases, be implemented, for example. B the referendum, the active participation of citizens, the creation of a People`s Council or the Public Consultation Council, the strengthening of the role of the People`s Council or local organizations in public administration.

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