Ncdhhs Provider Administrative Participation Agreement

NCCC/CA providers who cannot or do not wish to conduct comprehensive health check-ups must conclude the NC DHHS Health Check Agreement between Primary Care Providers (PCPs) and the local Ministry of Health. This agreement on the supplier`s administrative participation is concluded by and between the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Resources, known as the “Department,” and the operator referred to as “supplier.” All DHHS providers sign the agreement on the administrative participation of the electronic provider in the online application for the supplier registration. Each page of the NTracks provider`s dataset must be checked to verify your accuracy. Suppliers should pay particular attention to the following sections, as the information is used to search for individual and organizational vendors and the results are displayed in the new nc Provider – Health Plan Look-Up. As NC Medicaid advances with the planned implementation of Medicaid Managed Care, it is important that registered providers now act to thoroughly verify their individual and organizational registration data in NCTracks. In accordance with Section 6.a of the NCDHHS Provider Administrative Participation Agreement, vendors are required to update their registration data in NCTracks within 30 days of the change. Information about belonging and taxonomy is often overlooked. Individual suppliers must verify their accuracy based on their location. Suppliers should terminate all non-memberships that are not up to date. Suppliers must ensure that their physical addresses are correct with the exact taxonomy. Suppliers are advised to begin the process of managing the change requirement in order to make necessary corrections and updates. To help, service providers must return ncTracks vendor user guides and training tools in place: www.nctracks.nc.gov/content/public/providers/provider-user-guides-and-training/fact-sheets.html providers must also update their expiring licenses, certifications and accreditations. The system currently suspends and terminates suppliers that do not respond within the specified time frame.

The contractual documents consist of this agreement, a possible addition and the request of the offeror, which is referred to. With the exception of changes to the department of medical care guidelines or other guidelines, guidelines, implementation manuals, implementation updates and bulletins issued by the CMS, the department, its departments and/or its tax officer in accordance with Section 3 below, no changes or changes to the terms of the agreement may be made unless this is spared by a written amendment made by both parties. For more details on the implementation of Medicaid Managed Care in North Carolina, see: medicaid.ncdhhs.gov/transformation The claimant agrees that the department may only make medical or behavioural payments to departmental recipients to a person or agency that has a provider agreement with the department; who provides services or goods in accordance with all the requirements of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973; The Age Discrimination Act 1975; 1990 Americans With Disabilities Act; and all applicable federal and regional laws and regulations for the protection of human research issues. The Department`s authority to limit payment to the supplier under this section or to limit payments for services provided at specific times when the above requirements have not been met.

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