Kitchen Contract Agreement

This is a rental contract for the commercial use of the kitchen, mainly managed and maintained by the owner/main tenant. 10. Tenants who pay a monthly flat fee for use are entitled to their choice of the main use periods available. The main hours of use are set as any time between 6:00 a.m. and 10 p.m. Breaks can be planned in advance. The tenant and landlord will refer to the attached “Reserved Kitchen Time” form to establish a kitchen plan. The reserved cooking time is allocated according to the seniority unit. The tenant understands that his reserved cooking time is evaluated every quarter and recognizes that, in order to keep his kitchen time reserved, he must have a consistent use of this time. 11. As a future plan, a key or external lock code is made available to the monthly tenant who needs out-of-hours access to access the kitchen.

12. The tenant agrees to register and register on the kitchen operating protocol each time access to the kitchen is obtained. 13. The tenant is responsible for maintaining his licence to operate a retail food establishment and any other licence that applies to his business. 14. The tenant must provide the landlord with an up-to-date copy of his business insurance, called The Kitchen Pantry and Gloria Stultz, which is insured in the policy. 15. Tenant a: A. The cleanliness of the kitchen, as described in kitchen rags and basic kitchen documents, to get. No modification, installation, repair or redevelopment (including painting) of any kind on the premises without first obtaining written permission from the owner. C.

Pay for damage to premises rented by a deed by the tenant or family members of the tenant, customers, customers and/or employees. D. Responsibility for liability, theft and accident related to the use of the kitchen, unless it is due to the negligence of the owner. E. Compliance with the laws and by-laws regarding the maintenance and occupancy of premises. F. Immediately communicate with the owner or manage the necessary maintenance work. 16. The lessor is responsible for the following maintenance obligations for the duration of this contract, unless such an object is required by the deeds of the tenant, the tenant`s family, the customers, the client and/or the employee: A. Repairs within the premises, including the equipment mentioned. B.

Coordinating the kitchen plan and general kitchen surgery. 17. If the building is destroyed and rendered untenable by fire or other causes, the landlord or tenant has the right to terminate the lease and the lessor must return the unused portion of the rent paid in advance. No provision should be interpreted so that the owner is obliged to rebuild the premises in the event of destruction. 18. All dismissal and deportation orders are issued in strict compliance with Colorado law. The property`s booking fee is charged at $30.00 due to a breach of contract. 19.

In the event of an appeal of this lease, the losing party pays the reasonable legal and legal fees that must be paid by the court, as these judgments are recorded. 20. When the tenant leaves the premises or if, in the event of legal termination, his personal belongings remain on the site, these objects become the property of the owner, which is, at your choice, dumped. On this date, the owner can, if he chooses, modify the locks of the site and refuse access to the tenant. 21. Additional Arrangements: Owner: Tenant: Date__________________________ Kitchen Rental This contract, made today of , 201, from and between The Kitchen Pantry, (hereafter referred to as tenant) and (hereafter the tenant).

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