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What sets Yousign apart from other applications are the procedures: a series of steps, signatories and notifications that you can reuse if you send similar documents. This is great if you have to send a lot of documents to the same people on a regular basis or if you work with a standardized document, for example. B a basic contract. And because you can customize the notification settings for each procedure, it`s easy to make sure you get signatures on time for all your timelines. You can also specify whether the signatories are internal or external so you can create procedures based on signing a document inside or outside your business. Yousign is a European-based application for electronic signatures. It is quite similar to other eSignature software, although its UX is a little softer and more modern than some business-oriented programs. Scrive is also fully compliant with the RGPD. In addition, our solutions facilitate your own compliance, especially by measures consistent with the principles of data protection by design and standard.

If we provide you with electronic records and you want a paper copy, you can contact the appropriate customer service and request a paper version. You will find the corresponding contact information in the account extract or in the wells Fargo product agreement in relation to the electronic dataset. You may have to pay a tax for the paper copy, unless the collection of a tax is prohibited by current legislation. Please note the declaration or agreement for any tax that may be charged for paper copies. PandaDoc allows you to send and collect legally binding electronic signatures on each device. This document automation software helps you speed up your credentials, agreements and contracts. If you receive online account statements, the termination allows you to send paper statements via the U.S. Postal Service or another courier.

Depending on the specific Wells Fargo product, if you withdraw your consent, we may charge a higher or additional fee for that product or related services. Please respect the corresponding agreement for any costs. 6. Valid and up-to-date email address, notifications and updates: You agree to keep PowerPay informed of changes to your email address. You can change your email address by calling us at 1-800-397-4485. PowerPay can notify you by email if an electronic communication or www.GetPowerPay.com agreement is available. PowerPay can also use www.GetPowerPay.com for electronic communications. It is your responsibility to use www.GetPowerPay.com regularly to search for electronic communications and search for updates to this agreement.

If you have given us another type of email address, such as an email address or mobile phone number for SMS, you can change your address by calling us at 1-800-397-4485 or by registering with your online account. With eSign Genie, it`s a very simple and safe way to fill out forms, to put together documents.

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