Datadog Service Level Agreement

“AUP” refers to the standard acceptable use policy of Datadog currently available in www.datadoghq.com/legal/acceptable-use/. These terms and agreements of use are, with the subscription (as defined in Section 2 below), an agreement (together this “agreement”) between Datadog, Inc., a Delaware company (“Datadog”) and the person or company identified in the subscription (“customer”). (a) In order to provide and support the service for the benefit of the customer, the customer heres allents to Datadog a worldwide service, a non-exclusive and free license for use, reproduction, electronic distribution, transfer, transfer, transmission, execution, display, storage and archiving of data, text, software, audio, video, images or other content that the customer and/or an authorized user perform on or via the service, interface with service, transfer to service or transfer, processing, use or storage in other way related to the service(in common). The customer agrees that Datadog may use (i) customer data to refine, supplement or test Datadog`s product and service offerings until confidential customer information is made public; (ii) include aggregated and anonymized customer data in publicly available advertising reports, analyses and media; and (iii) to retain the data of anonymous and unrelated customers after the termination of this contract, for use in the context of the above. 9.1. Each party must comply with applicable privacy and personal data protection laws. Without limitation of Section 8.1, the Customer is solely responsible for providing all communications required by applicable legislation and receiving all consents and authorizations required by applicable legislation from persons whose personal data may appear in account data, customer data or customer reporting information. Without limitation of Section 7.3 and possible additional conditions, if the customer believes that the personal data may contain the personal data of individuals in the European Economic Area and they wish to perform additional data processing (“DPA”) in accordance with the RGPD, the customer can do so by e-mailing gdpr@datadoghq.com. Upon receipt of the customer`s request by Datadog, Datadog sends the customer a data protection authority ready for execution. SLO: Service level targets are targets that define targeted service levels, typically measured using one or more service level indicators (SLIs).

Overcharging Service Level Agreements (ALS) is a matter of attention to detail. The provider must ensure that it meets the terms of the agreement and users must verify that the service they paid for has been provided.

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