Artist Agreement Contract Pdf

Recent studies have shown that today, more than 53 million Americans work freelance and change the normal schedule from nine to five. As an independent artist, beyond your creativity and talents, there is a place where you can follow current trends and the rapid changes that the industry is experiencing every day. In addition to your skills development, you know that developing a professional artist contract is not negotiable to successfully process your projects. A free artist contract template is not necessarily a cumbersome document with so much information. This could only be a simple outline of the terms of a project with which you have agreed to work as a consultant and your client. It could also be a complex document, depending on the height of the intricacies of the project and the number of elements involved. A contract is essential for both intellectual property and art. As a freelancer, every time you sell your work is as if you are selling your tangible properties like a car or a house. Even with a contract, your mind will be at peace. You have to take care of every “what if.” You can create your art contract by following our art contract model. You should adapt this model to your art services.

As an independent artist, you don`t want the client to pay you if they want to. For this reason, your free artist contract model should highlight the payment axis for the customer to provide your fees on time. Even then, don`t make the deadlines too tight for the customer. Remember, at some point, they will delay payment for real reasons. So give an allowance for such circumstances. Open responsibility means that if there is extreme damage or circumstances that harm you or the label, full responsibility goes to you. In other words, the label will try to wash its hands, free of any responsibility. In Katy Perry`s case, a Newsweek report by Scott McDonald said she copied her hit “Dark Horse” in a Christian rap song “Joyful Noise” written by an artist named Marcus Gray.

If her contract had insinuated an indeterminate liability, if she was found guilty, she would have had to pay the fines, thus freeing the label from liability.

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