Rental Agreement Abu Dhabi

In 2012, the Abu Dhabi Executive Board passed Law 32, which lifted the rent ceiling and allowed homeowners to raise house prices based on market prices. However, the decree required landlords to give tenants two months to indicate the changed price. The right to lease introduced a 5% rent ceiling for the lease, but the ceiling was abolished on November 9, 2013, but the ceiling was reinstated effective December 13, 2016, in accordance with Abu Dhabi Council Resolution 14 of 2016. Under the Commission`s decision, both parties can set the rent for the duration of the appointment tenancy, but if the rent is not decided, the landlord has the power to increase the rent each year. In general, in the event of a rental dispute, you can contact the Judicial Department in Abu Dhabi for advice, but the results depend on various factors described in the contracts. If you would like to contact them, you can call them on 800 2353. I hope it will help. Good luck. The resolution mentions that the annual rent increase of 5% (5%) Article 16 of Law 20 out of 20 provided that the rent is assessed from 10 November 2013, as agreed between the two parties.

Tawtheeq`s lease was set up with the aim of streamlining all leasing transactions in Abu Dhabi. It will act as a state-of-the-art digital system with a bilingual repository (English and Arabic) of all information about apartments and villas for rent in Abu Dhabi. The new rental system in Abu Dhabi will also simplify the rental process and ensure the quality and accuracy of information to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Currently, Abu Dhabi`s laws apply a 5% rent limit for properties leased in Abu Dhabi. Landlords and property management companies can increase the annual rent within this limit, provided that tenants are informed at least 2 months before the contract is renewed. Effective December 13, 2016, Abu Dhabi Council reinstated the 5% rent ceiling for the lease with Resolution 14 of 2016. Landlords and tenants can decide the rental price and enter into a rental agreement. The owner can increase the price each year within the price cap set by this resolution. Thank you for contacting us.

Tawtheeq is different from the ADDC because ADDC on your water and electricity and Tawtheeq is available for leases. We advise you to contact ADDC on 800 2332 to ensure that you will not be charged twice and to avoid confusion.

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