Ihs Markit Master Agreement

15.19 London Stock Exchange (SEDOL) Customers who wish to store, extract, download and reproduce SEDOL codes must sign a licensing agreement with the London Stock Exchange. The following exceptions apply: If you do not agree with these terms of use, do not use this site. If you or the entity through which you received a login ID and password, certain content or services found on this website are subscribed by the execution of a written agreement, in the form of a supplement, an order form or otherwise (“Convention”), these terms of use complement this Contract and the use of this Site is subject to the terms of the Agreement in addition to these Terms of Use. When you access this site, you acknowledge that you have read the agreement and that you are bound to it (if you need a copy of the agreement, please contact your company`s contract administrator). Subscribers who access information as defined below may process information, with or without other data, for the purpose of creating new original works, provided that: (i) all works thus created that display, represent or re-count information (including all works whose information can reasonably be revealed) are considered information for the purposes of this agreement and are subject to applicable royalties. (ii) Subscribers must obtain prior authorization from CME before using an item of information to create or recalculate original clues or works that do not contain, display or recast information. These works are considered derivative works and require a license under a separate agreement with CME. The use, creation or dissemination of these works is not permitted without the express permission of CME, which includes a separate licensing agreement (iii) CME, may, at its sole discretion, refuse permission or require the distributor to pay royalties for any subscriber who has the right to create or re-calculate clues or other works from information intended to be used in derivative works. iv) CME authorizes the use of information to create diagrams and diagrams in which the underlying value of the information can not be identified or calculated (for example. B to compare the percentage of variation in information items with percentages of variation in other data). This use is not considered a derivative work. 15.3 FTSE International IHS Markit is authorised by FTSE International Limited to publish and make available certain FTSE products. THE FTSE is not responsible for errors or omissions in these products.

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