Binding Arbitration Agreement Sample

Dispute resolution: All claims and disputes arising from or related to this agreement must be resolved through a mandatory arbitration procedure with Arbitration Resolution Services (ARS). The parties expressly agree to abide by all LRA rules, as www.arbresolutions.com on their website. In the event that a party does not pay an arbitral award, the award may be turned into a judgment of a competent court of justice. Subject to the mediation provisions outlined above, the dispute is settled through arbitration with the Canadian Arbitration Association, in accordance with the general rules of the Canadian Arbitration Association of the Canadian Arbitration Association, in accordance with the general rules of the Canadian Arbitration Association. Each party may communicate its decision as to its desire to refer a dispute to arbitration. [Arbitration is made by a single arbitrator.] Arbitration takes place in [the city]. Arbitration is conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration Act (province). The arbitrator`s decision (s) is final and binding, and there will be no appeal. The judgment on the arbitrator`s award can be recorded in any competent court. The arbitrator`s costs are divided equally between the parties.

10. Acceptance of arbitration under this clause does not prevent the parties from requiring precautionary measures from a competent court or other judicial authority, provided they always meet the procedural or other requirements of that jurisdiction or other judicial authority. Mandatory arbitration procedure: all rights and disputes arising from or related to this agreement must be settled by binding arbitration. Arbitration is conducted by Arbitration Resolution Services, Inc. (ARS) and the parties are bound by all LRA rules and arbitration decisions. You`ll find the LRA rules in www.arbresolutions.com. Any decision or arbitration decision resulting from such an arbitration procedure must be made in writing and provide an explanation for all decisions. Such an arbitration procedure is conducted by an experienced arbitrator in [the industry or legal experience required for the arbitrator] and must contain a written minutes of the arbitration hearing. An arbitral award can be upheld in a competent court. “Any dispute, controversy or claim arising from this contract or the breach, termination or invalidity of this contract is definitively settled by arbitration proceedings, in accordance with the arbitration regulations of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Institute.” The following paragraphs are presented below, which can be added to any enterprise contract. This clause requires that any disagreement between the parties regarding the contact be resolved through a mandatory arbitration procedure (in lieu of litigation) with Arbitration Resolution Services, Inc.

“Any dispute arising from or related to this contract is referred to the International Commission for Economic and Commercial Arbitration (CIETAC) for an arbitration procedure executed in accordance with the arbitration rules of THE ICEC. The arbitration award is final and binding on both parties. An ad hoc arbitration procedure is a procedure that is not managed by an institution (ci.B ICDR, ICC or JAMS). The parties must therefore make their own arrangements with respect to the selection of arbitrators, arbitration, administrative assistance and other aspects of the arbitration process. Parties that proceed ad hoc will often include in their agreement the Arbitration Regulations of the United Nations Commission for International Trade Law (CNUDCI).

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