Agreement Between Manufacturer And Dealer

This agreement is reached on this subject……. Day of ………………… On………….. between: Distributor agreement between manufacturer and company 11. That the company has the right to appoint agents, agents, office workers, etc., to the base of salaries or commissions, but provided that they work strictly under the terms of the agreement. IF the distributor sells a new product (without parts or accessories) for delivery to an end-user in the (PAR) (“received distributor”) or for primary use in the receiving retailer, the distributor pays the receiving distributor a sales and service tax of _____per cents. documented selling price??) such a product. Such a payment is a partial compensation for the receipt of merchant advertising and sales and service activities in the development of product awareness and acceptance in the resellers received . The trader must notify the company of any sale made by a capital dealer outside the distributor (PAR) at the time of the presentation of the registration documents for the guarantee of the owner of that sale. The payment of the royalty is made only if the receptive trader makes a claim to the company within___ (days after the date of the transaction, which justify the obligation to pay and provides satisfactory evidence for sale for the entity). The payment is made through the account of the company debiting the donor`s account from the company and the account of the receptive dealer is credited to the company the amount of the royalty. In the event of a dispute, the company is the sole judge and the dealer and the receiving dealer agree to comply with the company`s decision.

The company is not required to initiate or pursue legal action to enforce the payment or non-payment of a debt. 8. That the company is doing everything in its power to encourage the sale of the business. If the company feels that the company is not interested in an appropriate way, it can terminate the distributor within one month. For both positions, a good understanding of business practices is required. People who work as traders come into direct contact with the public, while traders spend more time in contact with manufacturing companies. Working as a trader requires less capital and generally includes a local business format. Although a successful distribution is more lucrative, it requires much more investment. Distributors also spend more time travelling than merchants. X.

TRADEMARKS/TRADE NAMES Distributors have the right to use the company`s name and trademarks in the normal distribution of the company`s products and the performance of related services under this agreement. The trader undertakes not to use the name of the company as part of the dealer`s name or in a way that would distort the relationship between the trader and the company. The distributor may present itself as an “authorized distributor” of the company and, with the company`s prior approval, use the company`s name and trademarks related to the product on panels or other advertising or promotional materials. The distributor`s license to use the company`s name and trademarks is limited and the distributor occasionally complies with the restrictions and restrictions imposed by the company. At the end of the agreement, the distributor will immediately cease to represent itself as the company`s distributor and will cease to use all company names and trademarks, as well as any signs or other materials of any kind that identify the merchant as the company`s trader, will be removed or removed.

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