18. What Information Is Included In A Counselling Agreement

A “consulting contract” (or “advice contract”) is a reciprocal agreement between the advisor and the client that outlines the structure of the therapeutic alliance of labour. As a general rule, an advisor will present orally the main points of the consulting contract before the start of the meetings to ensure that his client is satisfied with the conditions of the work done. This first oral presentation allows clients to ask questions and clarify all points of the contract on which they are unclear. The advisor can then provide the details discussed in a written document signed by both the advisor and the client. A consulting contract ensures that the consultation process is well, secure and professional and emphasizes the advisor`s responsibilities to clients as well as the client`s responsibilities to the advisor. A consulting contract is also a transparent basis for informed consent. If you work with vulnerable children, teens or adults who may require informed consent from a parent, principal guardian or a affected third party, you should add a section to the contract that will allow you to register the names, signatures and dates of that consent. Please read more information about cooperation with these customers about the NCS protection policy. Details of relevant members of the company and information on independent redress procedures – Reasons why the board cannot continue (except on the basis of an agreed meeting conclusion) – that is, any contraindication that could lead to conflicts of interest or affect ethical limits. (Ref: NCS Code of Ethics www.nationalcounsellingsociety.org/about-us/code-of-ethics/.) RGPD – www.nationalcounsellingsociety.org/blog/general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr-and-data-protection/. The consulting contract should not be a lengthy document. It is usually a single page (maximum two pages) long and includes a list of items that are important for creating a safe, confidential and professional board.

There are no defined requirements for a consulting contract, but a good rule of thumb is to include details on the following topics: www.counsellingcpd.org/product/ethical-practice/. www.nationalcounsellingsociety.org/members/information/benefits/. It is proposed that, if necessary, written advice contracts be submitted to clarify matters (see code of ethics ncs, paragraph 9). As a written document, the space for legal intervention can also be provided if the conditions are not met. Type of consulting work – it`s a very short paragraph (small introductory paragraph on how you work). (That is, write down all the terms used; that you perform regular progress checks; that you are working on an agreed-upon end of consulting work; that the client may feel “less well before they feel better,” etc. You`ll find more information about working ethically in the next online workshop: You`ve become familiar with hard work and enjoy a new and exciting career as a consultant or psychotherapist, why is it worth thinking about a specialty? National Counselling Society (NCS) Code of Ethics Categories: advice, personal/professional development, non-category – Brief details on the recording/recording of notes and methods of protecting confidential data.

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