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Hunter x Hunter is coming back!!!!!

Hunter x Hunter is coming back!!!!!! OMG!!!!

This is news from a few days ago, but I don’t care. Most of you, if you read my blog often, know that I’m totally and completely in love with this series. It’s killed me that the manga has been on hiatus for two years now, and since I was talking about my new book obsession yesterday, it only seems to fit that I’m devoting today to talk about this!

With HxH coming back, the new Sailor Moon anime, the new HxH anime finally moving on from the chimera ant arc (my least favorite), and awesome upcoming anime like Zankyou no Terror and Ao Haru Ride (the manga is great!), this year is looking to be a good one for my personal anime world! Now all that I need to hear is that the Nana manga is coming off of hiatus, too (5 years and counting on that one)!

Well, and there’s also my manga to look forward to! I am so, so excited to start drawing again. 🙂 By the way, I had an explosion of comments yesterday in here! I was so surprised, and thank you so much!!!! Your comments mean the world to me and I will answer them ALL. Promise!

So, anyways, I am really excited, and because of that, I felt that the best way to celebrate was by doing the 30-day Hunter x Hunter meme.. all at once, of course! Tomorrow, I can get back to the regular story. 😉

So… read on! Please! 😀

Day 1: Favorite male character

Kuroro Lucilfer, aka Chrollo in the English version, aka Quoll in some artwork, aka Quwrof Wrlccywrlir as it’s spelled in the world character & data book. Whatever the spelling, Kuroro is awesome squared. 😉

Kuroro is the leader of the Genei Ryodan (Phantom Troupe), also known as the Spiders, called so because of the tattoo of a 12-legged spider that each member has somewhere upon their bodies. Each member is a leg, and Kuroro is the head. He created the Ryodan, a group of world-class A thieves. Even the mafia is afraid of them, and the Zaoldyecks, the strongest assassins in the world, consider them too high of a risk to fight against alone. Kuroro is strong, cool-headed, and extremely intelligent and charismatic.

Kuroro led the Genei Ryodan against Kurapica’s mountain village shortly after Kurapica had left it as a child. Driven by the rumor that these mysterious people hidden deep in the forest had eyes that turned ruby red when excited, angered, or afraid, Kuroro tracked them down and massacred the entire clan. The Ryodan cut out their eyes, which burn a violent shade of red forever if killed in that form, after torturing them, and later sold the eyes on the black market. It’s Kurapica’s only goal in life, as the sole survivor of the Kuruta people, to hunt down the Ryodan and destroy them.

I know, I know. He’s cold, calculating, sadistic.. but he’s also intelligent and skilled beyond recognition. When he is caught by Kurapica, he keeps calm and provokes him with words alone, reasoning his way through a situation that most would find hopeless. It was inevitable that I’d fall in love with him. I even cosplayed him back in 2003, and I would LOVE to do it again. LOVE.

Kuroro’s current status is exile from the Ryodan by Kurapica placing nen inside of his body. If Kuroro tries to use his nen or to contact a member of the Spiders, he will immediately die. He was last seen working with Hisoka to contact a nen exorcist in Greed Island, and has been known recently to be playing “tag” with Hisoka. It’s unknown what exactly that means, or whether he was successful in removing the nen. I assume it was unsuccessful, as during the Chimera ant arc, the Ryodan was still waiting for contact from him.

Day 2: Favorite female character

It’s a tie between Machi and Shizuku, both members of the Genei Ryodan. Preferably together. <3

Day 3: Favorite Chimera Ant

Can the Chimera ant arc just disappear already? It’s my least-favorite arc in the series. It’s just not up to the caliber of the rest. It feels like it’s trying too hard to turn HxH into a monster-of-the-week anime/manga, and doesn’t have Kurapica, Leorio, or any of the other old favorites like Hisoka in it. Gon and Killua go through a lot of character development, but outside of those moments, it focuses a lot on the ants, whom aren’t really important in the end since most of them look like typical shonen anime villains and die anyways.

There is one who I do really love, and wonder if she will appear again. Hina.

Hina is a squadron leader, and a nen exorcist. When the Chimera ants’ base is infiltrated by the Hunters, she flees to Meteor City (where the Genei Ryodan is originally from). Since it’s speculated that the nen remover that Kuroro hired to remove the blocks that Kurapica placed on him was not effective, I wonder if perhaps Hina will reappear in the future as a solution to Kuroro’s problem.

Day 4: Where would you want to live if you lived in the Hunter World?

I don’t know…. maybe York Shin/ YorkNew, because it is basically New York city. I like big cities, and hey, I can learn nen anywhere! You can trust that I’d be entering the exam this very year if I was there!

Day 5: If you lived in the Hunter world, what kind of life would you live?

As I said, I would have taken and passed the Hunter exam, and probably become a relic hunter, hunting down and restoring ancient ruins of the past. And being generally awesome by using Nen.

Day 6: Favorite duo/trio/etc. of characters?

KURORO AND KURAPICA. There is so much one-sided hate and animosity, it makes for GREAT yaoi fodder. <3

Day 7: Which character’s background would you like to see more of?

Kuroroooooo!!!!! Little is known of his past, aside from snippets here and there. I bet that his childhood was very sad and lonely. That is my headcanon, at least.

Day 8: What’s your favorite Arc?

The York Shin arc, when the main four rally together to help Kurapica get revenge on the Genei Ryodan for the genocide of his people. I think that it’s really when the series shines the best. It’s dark and serious, and illustrates the strengths of each character well, and the versatility of this world. My second-favorite arc is probably the original Hunter exam arc. It’s not as dark, but a lot of fun. I could read or watch that arc over and over again. <3

Day 9: Do you have any nitpicks about hxh? Anything you don’t like/would like to change?

I would take out most or all of the Chimera Ant arc, and freaking get back to Kurapica’s part in the story! It’s so weird not seeing a main character, and the most popular to boot, not even in it for years. I’d also make Togashi stop taking all of those breaks. Heck, I’d even be his assistant for free if he’d just continue in a timely manner!

Day 10: Character you’d like to snuggle with/hang out with/snuggle?

Kurapica. :3 He’s so, so squishy and adorable! We could read on the couch until we fall asleep. The perfect day. <3

Day 11: Favorite Character Designs?

I actually sorta like Neon Nostrade! :3

Day 12: Actual question: Favorite opening/ending theme?

Day 13: . Is there a moment/scene/chapter that just made you sit back and go “…..woah”?

Uvo’s requiem. *whistles* It was very powerful, both in the manga and both animes.

Day 14: If you could have any canon character’s nen ability, what would you pick?

Hmmm… This is a hard one, because there are so many cool ones! Perhaps I would choose Machi’s nen thread, or Hisoka’s bungee gum? Killua’s Narukami lightning attack? Oh, and Kuroro’s Indoor fish! Although, technically I suppose you could say that most of his abilities belong to someone else…

Day 15: How would you use the ability from #14 in your daily life?

I’d give demonstrations and make a ton of money. XDDDD;

Day 16: Have you ever thought up an original nen ability?

I’ve tried to think of one that would suit me, of course! Ultimately, it would depend on what type of nen that I had, though. I suppose that I’d love to have an ability that would make me able to travel from place to place instantly, or breathe underwater!

Day 17: . Is there a canon nen ability that you call hacks on? One you think is too powerful relative to its restrictions?

I’d say that most of Gon and Kilua’s attacks are too powerful. At least Killua has to charge up, but Gon’s Janjanken is… way, way too powerful. He’s the main character, though, so I guess that’s to be expected!

Day 18: Your least favorite character?

Most of the chimera ants. Blachhhh.

Day 19: Favorite animation scene from the anime?

Hmmm….. Uvo’s requiem, for sure. Also amazing were Kuroro’s fight with the Zaoldycks and Kurapica’s fatal fight with Uvo.

Day 20: If you could bring one character back to life, who would it be?

Pakunoda.. Poor, poor Pakunoda so didn’t deserve to go! Oh, and Pairo, Kurapica’s childhood friend. Maybe.

Day 21: Character with your favorite outfit? Character with the outfit you just can’t take seriously?

Favorite is Kurapica’s skirt, I think. 😀 The one that I can’t take seriously is Zazan’s second outfit… Because, come on……..

Day 22: What area(s) in the hunter universe would you like to explore? (assuming that you won’t get killed by anything there)

Definitely Meteor City/Ryuuseigai!!

Day 23: Congratulations! You just won Greed Island! Which three slot cards will you take as your prize?

#33 Hormone Cookies. “After eating this candy, your sex will temporarily change for 24 hours. A set of 10 boxes; 20 cookies per box.”
Because how much fun would this be? 😀
#38 Fledgling Artist. “Warm this magic egg in your hand for three hours a day for one to ten years, and you will become a top artist when it hatches. The stronger your desire during incubation, the sooner it will hatch. ”
I could skip all of the hard work and have a hit that tons of people all over the world love as much as I love HxH! Sounds like a win-win situation to me! 😀
#59 Instant Foreign Language School. “Spend time studying a language at this school, and you will accrue time on a timer (included). While the timer is activated and counting down, you will be fluent. ”
Klingon and Elvish are two of the languages that I’d learn immediately! But seriously, if only! Imagine how convenient it would be!!

Day 24: What’s your favorite animal from the Hunter world?

The hemotropic butterflies, which are attracted to blood, are pretty neat. 🙂

Day 25: What do you enjoy most about Hunter X Hunter?

I love, love, love the characters and the strong friendship that forms between the main four, despite their intensely different backgrounds. I love how the characters are so fleshed out, and they have their own detailed pasts and motivations. In addition, Togashi really knows how to throw the story in different directions and keep it interesting (for the most part). It really stands out among shonen series for its creativity and gripping plot line! So many shonen anime are just one fight after another, and Hunter x Hunter really deviates from this (for the most part). It’s a story of friendship, growth, and adventure.. what’s not to love?

Day 26: Have you legitimately cried or laughed out loud at a scene?

I crack up every single time Hisoka does something gross with his pelvis. :d Ohhhh, and the time that Biscuit admires his… yeah.

And yeah, I’ve teared up often, too. Like when Netero finally lost his battle with Meruem, yet won at the same time. We will miss you. ToT

Day 27: What Character do you think you’d get along best with?

Gon, because anybody can get along with Gon, unless they’re just too evil. But I’m not (totally) evil, so I’m good!

Day 28: Which nation/area/village’s society would you like to know more about?

Meteor City. Meteor City. Meteor City. And Kurapica’s home village, although we did learn a lot recently with the first movie.

Day 29: How long have you been watching/reading HXH? When did you join the fandom?

Oh man.. I guess back in 2002 or 2003?

Day 30: Is Hunter X Hunter your favorite manga/anime?

YES. YES. YES. YES. YES. Otherwise I would have never wasted so much time doing this! <3

If you haven’t yet read the manga, you can get it all in English from VIZ, both digitally and in hard copy, here!
You can watch the new anime series here on Crunchyroll.
The older anime.. well, there are DVDs, and I highly recommend it if you can get a hold of it! 🙂

So, yeah, I’m excited about the continuation of the manga! But I think that you got that. 😉

See y’all tomorrow, minna!

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  • Vladimir

    I don’t know, I kinda disagree on Chimera Arc being boring….I kinda liked it a lot, probably the most(and not only because of the Gon vs Pitou), but all of it. Kinda goes slow, but those battles with Meruem and Komugi, and Meruem vs Chairman, Killua vs that red guy(always forgeting name)…Pouf’s loyalty, respect, obedience for the kind, but a true villain ( he may be annoying and deceitful, but really awesome).

    I don’t know…..I just enjoyed the Chimera Arc a lot, if it was not my favorite, probably Greed Island is than, but only because of Gon vs Razor and the funny moments with Biscuit when they ignore her :D…

    I just love every arc, but those 2 are my favorite and I cannot wait for them to continue anime(if they stop after Chimera Arc).

    And yes, I only watch anime, I never read mangas from any anime because I don’t find it interesting, probably because I am learning to be animator, I just find much more interesting the special effects…how they are done, etc…Don’t hate me because of that. 😀

  • haze

    Im affraid we wont see the chariman arc for a little while tho, since the anime has almsot caught up with the Manga and the manga is still very early in the arc, I’m also impatiently waiting for the new arc. I watched the latest anime chapter in CR. Im happy the animation team is still using the same people, the quality is so good. Only that the narrator… lets say, it gets old too quick, and they need a better sound director, I feel they miss very crucial parts, where a good dramatic BG music or sound FX could really pump up the impact of the situation.

    Anyways, one of the reason I liked this arc, is that it makes the heroes (In this case Kon and Killua) totally antiheroes, makes them very appealing to me, going to the dark deep part of their selves. Killua willing to do anything for Kon even if it wasn’t right in the eyes of others, and Kon, disregarding whats conceived as bad or evil, willing to kill a complete innocent stranger (komugi) because he knew it was important to Pitou.

    I just loved this part, because it made Kon more sinister, more inhuman, scarier even more so than the Ant King, Meruem, you can hardly see this type of heroe in other animes.

    • Jamie Lynn Lano

      I’m a little bit confused. The chairman has already been selected and the arc finished in the manga. Plus, the director posted cel drawings of Hisoka from that arc on his twitter a while ago, so they’ve already started production. It seems like it’s coming up soon to me.

      I never felt like Gon was really sinister. He’s never really drawn a line between good and bad, as you could see by his immediate acceptance of Killua when he found out that he was an assassin. I’ve always liked that about him. I do like his darker self, but mostly I felt like the ant arc was a waste of time because almost all of the new characters die, and the ones that don’t are mostly uninteresting anyways. It would have been a lot better to focus back on the Ryodan, I think. Plus, Kurapica is the most popular character in the series, and a main character, but he hasn’t been in it forever. 🙁

  • Aurora

    I remember when I used to watch Hunter x Hunter. So many years ago it was airing in my country but then the TV channel where it was airing disappeared. The last arc I watched was the Greed Island arc. I don’t remember too much details about the story, i don’t have a good memory and I never read the manga.

    I start watching HxH because I heard it was from the same writer of YuyuHakusho which is one of my favorite animes.

    Like you I like Kuroro and Killua was one of my favorite characters.

    • Jamie Lynn Lano

      You actually saw it all, since the old anime only went up through Greed Island! 🙂

      I recommend that you read the manga! It’s actually even better than the anime, which is hard to imagine! 😀

  • haze

    Hahaha, I read it ALL! HxH is definitely a Manga that I enjoy, the 2 anime adaptations I have seen so far IMO are still lacking something, the last chapters they spent on a different team it seems, the style changed, and its very good quality, if they keep it like that it would be better. Still, there is something that is missing from the anime that the manga has.

    I agree, Ants arc is somewhat boring, my most favorite of all this arc is the King and Komugi moments, when I finally got to see the ending of the arc, I sobbed!! After Eureka 7, this is my most favorite romance. It so intense, so pure.

    You could take all quimera ants arc battles, just leave King’s battle, and Kon vs Pitou, and, maybe when Killua breaks down to Pam. Among all the forced shonnen battles there are some good small moments that makes it worth bearing those less fun ones.

    • Jamie Lynn Lano

      Yeah, that is usually the case, isn’t it? So many times it’s hard to translate the spark of the manga into the animated version. I felt the same for the Nana anime. But I’m happy as long as they are still making HxH anime. I can’t complain too much!

      Yeah, Meruem and Komugi’s resolution made me teary, too. It’s so hard to see such a proud person be so humbled by the purity of love. *snuffles*

      Yessssss, yes the Chimera ants should be compressed like that! The training with Palm was way too drawn-out too, although my favorite part of this arc is when Killua takes the needle out of his head. There were lasting repurcussions there! I’m excited to see the Chairman arc animated. It will be a breath of fresh air, and at least we get Leorio, Hisoka, and Illumi back! YES!

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