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Living Tall in Japan, part 36

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Yesterday, I introduced my new roommate, Cersei. Cersei was in her 60s, loved to drink and smoke, and to mother me. She didn’t appear to much like Japan, though. I wasn’t sure why she was here at all, really.

Meanwhile,  I was sick of living with people whom I had nothing in common with, and I was sick of my job with Nova, so I started asking my coworkers about how to get an apartment of my own, and where to look for other opportunities. There are a ton of websites out there, but I didn’t know about them yet, and I will always feel that a personal recommendation is the best way to get your foot in the door anyways. 🙂

While trying to make a decision, it just so happened that I was also living my life. I went to my very first fanclub event (for Nagayama Takashi, who was in Tenimyu, of course), and met a friend of a friend, Whitney, to show her around Tokyo. We had a blast! And then, the last episode of Tenipuri finally ran on tv, and I cried a river of tears.

Then, I went to the Penis festival in Yokohama.. which I will talk about soon!

During this, we’ve gotten a new roommate, another girl from Australia. Allie. She was around my age, but didn’t seem to care about Japan or anything Japanese. Allie loved to drink and smoke, and didn’t seem to mind being mothered. So, she an Cersei got along swimmingly.

One day, I came home to find the apartment freezing cold and reeking of smoke. My two roommates were on the balcony, smoking, with the door wide open. I’d had enough. I went over to the door, told them that this was (per our NOVA apartment contract) a  non-smoking apartment, and shut the glass door on them.

This became a recurring theme. I hate cigarette smoke, so Cersei would stand in the doorway and smoke. Anytime I wasn’t home and she was, I’d come home to it, and we would start arguing. I called up NOVA management, who in turn called her, but recommended that I look for a new place, and it just made me angry.

I felt stuck. I had no idea what I could do, so I did the only thing that I knew would passively annoy her while I was searching for a new place to live: I started leaving Boy’s Love doujinshi in the bathroom and on the kitchen table. From her repeated comments on my “unusual” lifestyle (I wasn’t dating anyone, but I had some posters of girls hugging in my room, so she must have realized), I knew that she wouldn’t appreciate them.

Besides, if her gay-hating, smoking and drinking, leave your husband to take care of the house and go to a country you have no interest in lifestyle was “normal,” then I don’t want to be normal. Thank you very much.

The doujinshi pissed her off. In that way, it worked. But she took it too far. April 14th, when I came home from work, she descended on me, and started yelling. She told me that I was a perverted child-molester, who should not be allowed to teach children. What’s more, she threatened to call up NOVA management and tell them that I hoarded kiddie porn.

I was livid. So livid that I could barely see straight. How dare she threaten my job because she can’t understand common courtesy, can’t understand that it’s not okay to smoke in the doorway of a nonsmoking apartment, and hates gay people! I called NOVA right away, and guess what they told me?

They told me that she’d already requested to move out!

I didn’t want to take my chances, though, so I went to the Guest House in Noborito (two stations away) that my favorite coworker, Winnie, was staying at, the next day, and talked money with them.

Wow. Just thinking about these times really gets me angry, even though it’s been nine years! Cersei crossed the line for me by trying to mess with my job (for the record, I, of course, do NOT condone child porn! AT ALL. It is one of the most heinous crimes there is, period). I can’t understand her motivation. Perhaps it was her laying whatever problems she had on me, or perhaps she was just homophobic. I don’t know. She reminded me of a roommate that I had in college, though. Brenda. Brenda, though, was my age, and her own particular brand of crazy.

I sort of feel like sharing with you what happened there, too. We’ll see what I write tomorrow!

Love you all, minna-san! Let this be a lesson to you to be careful who you choose as roommates! 😉

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  • Audrey

    I remember reading about this woman on your lj years ago! What a complete nutcase.

    I really don’t understand these people who have 0 interest in Japan but come here anyway. like…why.

    • Jamie Lynn Lano

      It’s common in that there’s a lot of it, but ask someone who isn’t really that into manga (which is most people). It’s easy to forget when we’re so into anime/manga, but most “regular” people don’t know what doujinshi even is, at least in my experience. Try asking some of the professors in your university, and I bet that a lot of them won’t even know what a doujinshi is, or have more than a vague idea. 🙁

      Of course, I think that they might have told her that, anyway. Since doujinshi isn’t seen as bad, and while obviously I had yaoi content, it wasn’t anything illicit at all. Nor was it one millionth as bad as what you see every time you walk into toranoana and see all of the real loliporn. 🙁

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