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Working as an assistant on The Prince of Tennis p35

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Fret fret fret.

At least Spring was rolling in, and the sakura and sakura-flavored treats were everywhere. Sometimes it’s the little things. <3

Well, I had all of this unexpected time off and I couldn’t waste it, so I got right to doing some research for my next Asahi Weekly article (remember the paper that I wrote a column for monthly? Yep, still doing that! So, yeah, I had three jobs ^^;).

Adrian and I explored Tokyo’s Koreatown, and I unloaded my problems on him again. The guy is a saint!

Time off isn’t always a blessing, though, as it made me pine over T again, whom was still in Korea. I was broke, and heartsick, and it all came rushing back as soon as I had time to actually think about it. I’ll keep it short, though, I promise.

As I was pondering the complexities of just dying instead of going on, I got a mail from a friend saying that his mother was dying of cancer. Well, now. I sure felt like a cad for worrying about the after-effects of a three-month old one night stand where I’d been strung along on a thread, like a limp rag! I sent flowers to his mother to be nice, and went right back to brooding, of course.

I hated feeling like this, but who wouldn’t, and so I emailed T a heartfelt confession, ensuring him that I really, really liked him and thought we were meant to be together. I did not get a response.

It sort of felt like I had passed the baton, and now I could finally relax. No answer meant that this whole thing, which was mostly in my head from the beginning, was just going to have to stop and be over.

Well, hey, one of the perks of working on Tenipuri was that I could  get free tickets to Tenimyu, and Dream Live 6 just happened to be happening the coming week. I called in and got a pair of complimentary tickets from Watanabe-san, and went with a few friends who already had tickets and one who had never even heard of Tenimyu, but was always in for a good gay ol’ time.

And you know how depressed I was before I went? Well, sitting in the audience, I felt optimistic and decided to give it one last go and mail T. Yeah, I know. I shouldn’t have. I should have just left it at that.

But there is something to be said for bullheaded tenacity.
My mail read like this:

“I’m watching Tenimyu right now! Well actually I’m sitting here waiting for it to start. Did you see it?”

I sent the text along with these pictures of a sea of girls in the auditorium, not expecting any response because, duh, obviously I was the rejected reject of rejects.

But almost immediately, my phone buzzed. It couldn’t be… wait, it really was him!

T: Hey, I saw the show right before you.

Me: Oh! What did you think?


T: There were a lot of people.

Me: Haha.. I meant, was it good? Fun?

T: No, I meant that there were more people watching than when I was in it, so it was fun. Yep, it was fun, yo!

Nfu nfu nfuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Sometimes all you need to do is try. Oh man, I was up one minute, down the next, but the ups were so nice that I always forgot about how terrible the downs were.

And with that, I had a great show!!!!

I was sitting in the VIP section anyways, so lot of the staff recognized me from the last show, so it wasn’t a problem to go anywhere and I took a few friends with me to meet some of the cast. Combined with the mail from T, I’d surely stay on the “up” for a while! 🙂

I made it through the rest of my break hovering somewhere in between up and down, and finally, the night before the studio came, and we got another mail.

Sensei: “It’s been a long golden week! Anyways, even though we just got an assignment to do color pages, I’m pushing back our work days! Instead of tomorrow, come in Friday!”

Me: “Gotcha, see you then! *smile*”

But what I really wanted to say was: “You’re CRAZY, right?!?!?! We couldn’t do it last month in 12 days because you procrastinate until the very end, and we were LATE turning in the pages! So now let’s do this PLUS color pages all in about 9 days! NOT GONNA HAPPEN NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!!!! But I will do my best .

Don’t forget that one day was supposed to be spent filming us all play tennis or something for some tv interview.

My expression to describe this situation was: “Oh, sensei,” accompanied by a sigh and a shake of the head.

Friday morning rolled around, and as I was getting ready to leave for the studio, another mail came in.

Sensei: “Never mind. Let’s start on Monday instead!”

I (probably) banged my head against the desk repeatedly. No, I’m sure that I did at some point.

Sensei lives in the outskirts of Tokyo, near the beach, and I lived more near the city center, so it took me about two hours each way to get from door to door. Poor Koko, however, lived 8-hours away by bus, and he was probably already running out the door. Marie lived 4 hours away, too. Talk about cutting it down to the last minute.

I also still hadn’t gotten paid yet for the month before, and money was verrrrrrrry tight.

Despite all of this, and regardless of the fact that some girls who didn’t like me (jealous, I guess?) chose this time to start harassing me and my friends by making really mean journal entries and all sorts of strange photomanips, I somehow made it through the weekend and back into the studio, and that’s when I finally found out just what kind of tv show was coming to the studio….

But that’s a story for tomorrow! 😉 Momo says to come back and see what happens!

Speaking of which…. tomorrow is Valentine’s day! What are you going to do?

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  • Amanda T.

    just gotta say, I don’t mind your T stories in the least bit. It’s an interesting juxtaposition, and it is kinda like the reality behind public personas? idk haha but what I mean that it’s in line with the assistant stories that shows the reality behind the glitzy mangas. and I’m sure we can all learn from that too. I actually have a similar experience with a hot-n-cold kinda guy so some of the things really hit home. you’re really brave for writing all that!

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