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Pictures from Ocean Shores

I feel a lot better now that I’ve “come out” on my blog about depression in yesterday’s post. It’s certainly uplifting to get the amount of outpouring and love from everyone that I have.

Thank you. Thank you all so much!

I think that I should probably give myself a makeover sometime soon. I don’t want to change my hairstyle, but I need to find a color of dye that I like in the states. It’s fading, and I think that my natural color is a little bit too light, or at least too flat. Then, there’s also the fact that I’ve been obsessively picking my split ends. I like to pull them apart. I can’t help it!!!! It’s like…… they’re there, and begging to be pulled apart and an hour later, I have sore fingers and a pile of hair on my desk.

I’d cut it all off, except my hair is never as long as I’d like it to be. I’d like it to be down to  my butt, but it never grows long enough. Ack! Does anyone else have this problem?

I am working on my Tenipuri stories today, all day until bed (except for a short break to run to the post office and mail some buttons!). Maybe, just maybe I can finish the first draft today, and set the posts to auto-update! Wouldn’t that be something? I suppose that I’ll work on Denkiki tomorrow, but I sort of want to work on it today, too.

One thing at a time, right?

For now, look at these pictures which I so carefully edited of the coast. It was a very beautiful sunset, and I love how taking photos makes it even more lovely. It’s like medicine for the heart. <3

It was a nice, but cold day when we went to the beach. I was just realizing that I was falling into depression, so I asked my sister and little niece if they wanted to go. We drove out and ended up stopping to see our Dad, which was….. weird. I haven’t seen or spoken to my dad in almost 10 years, unless you count one skype session right after the big Japan quake a few years ago. o.o;


Ocean shores is a beach on the coast of Washington State, halfway between Seattle and Oregon. It’s very cold and almost always overcast, but somehow the sound of ocean waves ALWAYS calms my heart down. I love it so, so, soooo much. This is my Dad and little sister in the picture below.


We didn’t bring any animals, but it was clear that some had been here before us. We never saw another person that day.


The cycle of life sometimes makes me sad. I love jellyfish, they’re so beautiful and mysterious. I think this is because I used to be a mermaid in a past life.


It was windy and cold, and the ocean was quite strong that day.


Beautiful, bright orange sun on the ocean.


Here’s my Dad walking along the beach. He seems to be happy, which is nice. It must also be nice living just 30 seconds away from the beach. Nice!


My sister (Jennifer– she’s the tall one, just in case you didn’t know 😉 ), and my niece (Katie). Katie is 10, and somehow remarkably like me, even though I’d only met her once before I came to stay here. They live down the hill from my mom’s. (I say hill, but it’s more like a giant mountain that I like to walk up and down for exercise. I tried running, but it’s not possible!)


Face one way, and the sunset is in front of you, fact the other, and you can just make out the blueness in the water.


I think this is my favorite image of them all:


More 🙁


Me! Ahhaa….. It was really cold, and I’ve been trying to lose weight, which resulted in gaining 10 pounds. Of course. o.o;; I need to put that off again before I end up on the warm, tropical beaches of Oahu…….


Run, run, little one!!

I suppose that it’s time to get back to work! By work, I mean writing Tenipuri stuff. Wish me luck. ;0

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