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Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour London p4

The is the last part of my photo tour of the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour. I should say, “The Studio Tour Of Awesome.”

My tour inside of Hall A was over with the Ministry of Magic, but there was still much fun to come!

We were lucky that the weather was sunny, because between Hall A and B was an outdoor showcase, and it was unmissable!!! Even if due to the fact that you could freely walk around everywhere, it was much harder to get pictures without muggles in them. Please bear with me! 😀

It was a very, very cold afternoon in October. I would LOVE to come back in summer in a cute sundress and have my picture taken in front of everything!

The last group of photos lays ahead! Brace yourself! 😀

Ohhhhh, me sees a famous statue. 😀


And Privet Drive! For the first movie, they used a real house, but people tried to drive by and take photos there, so they recreated the house on the studio lot for the second movie and on. All together a good solution, I say!


Children and adults all over the world know this address. 🙂


You could even step onto the Knight Bus!


And the Hogwarts Bridge!


Hey you, get out of my photo. >.>


Just chillin’ with all of the other muggles. It was impossible to escape!

The old Potter house! I had to waiiiiiiiiiiiiit and finally snap a photo at exactly the right second, there were just so many people!


You could get in the car! This was one of the other models built for filming (The other is in the main entrance area).


And, of course, you cannot come here and not indulge in a little bit of butterbeer!! The soda was pretty much exactly like I imagined– like cream soda with butterscotch flavoring, but the foam was something else! It was buttery and thick and ooooohhhhhhhh so good!! I cannot even fathom how to replicate that at home!


It came in a little souvenir cup that I now use to hold all of my little teaspoons. :3


It was windy and freezing cold, though! XD;; It felt like the middle of winter (at night it dropped to 2 degrees C!!)– I can’t imagine that I was running around in a sundress and sweating really badly back in Tokyo just a few days before!


If I could ride, I would ride Hagrid’s bike!


Don’t ask me what expression I was trying to make– I can’t remember!!! XD;;



Oh hay, more giant chess pieces!


Annnnnnnnd inside the second building we went! It started out with a lot of the different models that were made for the movies.


It’s the shrunken head from the Knight Bus!


Hello, Mrs. Norris! <3


Goblins, everywhere!




MAHAHAAAAAA. I don’t know if I can resist making a constipation joke about this..


Now that I’ve went there, Dumbledore looks like he’s fallen asleep on the toilet. ^^;


Hagrid was quite large!


R.I.P., sweet little Dobby.


Dragons and Thestrals, oh my!




AHAHAAAA Viktor… I never noticed that he was quite naked.


Aragog. 🙁 You were evil, but also kind of awesome.


Buckbeak! <3


After that, I turned a corner, and suddenly THERE WAS DIAGON ALLEY. OH. MY. GOD.


After Diagon Alley, I don’t think anything could have impressed me more. I was wrong. Although these design sketches are awesome and I would LOVE to have a book of them (I demand it!!!), it was not as impressive.


There was TONS of amazing art, though. I really would love a book with all of these paintings in it. I really would!


What else impressed me? THIS. The actual model for Hogwarts castle. You can’t tell from this photo, but you had to walk on a skylight around it, and this room was easily 2-3 stories high. It filled the entire room, and was MASSIVE. The room also cycled from night to day and had small interactive displays along the edge. It was EPIC.


As seen from the ground:


I look big compared to the castle, but it’s only the angle. Trust me on this, it was ginormous!


Me and Miho, my travelling companion extraordinaire!


From there, it was on to Ollivander’s! Every box was labeled with a member of the crew/staff, which I thought was really amazing!! It was a hunt to find Daniel’s, but I did. :3


And then? Into the gift shop again! You could not return from this point. I wish that I had had a few thousand spare pounds to spend, though!


Neither of us could afford the robes, but it didn’t stop us from getting dressed and taking pictures. XD;;;


Well, that is it! And that is it for my London pictures tour, as well! How did you enjoy it?
The day after this, Miho returned to Japan, and I stayed a few extra days for Destination: Star Trek London. I met some great people there, like the Trekkie Girls, and had some fun conversations, but I was pretty exhausted, so I didn’t bring my camera. There are some iphone pictures from it in an old post, though, so click here to see! 😀

See you soon! I have a lot more to write! But about Japan and manga and more this time!

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