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This Week in Tokyo – week 1

What’s going on, where have I been, who have I seen this week?

Here is where I will post all of the random pictures from my life each week that don’t have enough content to deserve their own post 🙂


This is Shibuya 109, a large shopping mall just around the corner from Shibuya station. It’s where all of the gyaru used to hang out, but is now a trendy clothing shopping mall for everyone 🙂

Contrary to the above picture, there were a lot of people around at the time, a Wednesday afternoon.

This just might be me 🙂

I thought this young couple was really cute! Forgive the voyeurism-ness of it all ^-^;

Isn’t she just adorable??

And her too 🙂

While walking back to the station, a few articles of clothing in this Zenmall store caught my eye..

Only in Japan would this be considered men’s clothing…

Just what I’ve always wanted to buy my boyfriend.. shorts with a happy face on the rear!

There are also these delights 🙂 My favorite (not)!
Ants are basically the bane of my existence…. it’s a very long story. One that I’m not sure is all that interesting….

It looks like it’s throwing up…

This one, too…

Back to people-watching (I just love watching people :))

This Ikemen guy looks like he’s hot. Summer in Tokyo is really hot and humid.

The little boy on the right is in an elementary school uniform. What do you think? Too short? Should an elementary student have a cell phone?

Random person’s torso 🙂

Some girls.

Is she crying, or fixing her makeup? What do you think?

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I wonder where these girls are looking..

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Halloween-colored hair, just a little bit early! I love orange hair 🙂


You never know who is watching… (do I seem creepy now?)

I was just sitting in a coffee shop and watching people on the street below. This Starbucks is crowded exactly for that reason..

Am I creepy? I hope not.. ^o^;;

Like I said, I just really love watching people!

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