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Changing of the guard

Miho and I finally did manage to see the Changing of the Guard the next morning! The one thing that stuck out for me, though, was the crowd. There were SO MANY PEOPLE. Not just people, but people shoving and pushing and putting kids on top of their heads right in front of me, lol. It sort of cancels out my tallness!

Also, it was really, really boring. I sort of finangled my way on up to a sort-of-okay spot near to the fence, so that I could take pictures through the bars over people’s heads, sort of.. except someone let their little son (around 7?) climb up on the fence. It’s a kid, so it is what it is and I would have only been mildly annoyed if the kid hadn’t fallen asleep and the parents just left him there. >.> DON’T LET YOUR SLEEPING KIDS BLOCK THE VIEW, YOU RUDE, RUDE PARENTS YOU.

That said, it was an experience that I was glad to have, and hope to never, ever repeat! And all of the people smushed in both made me warm and worried for my wallet. And my legs hurt, because it is really, really long.

And I did get some cool pictures regardless!

See all of the people! The only reason that they are not in the middle there is because the guards looked like they meant business, and they had whistles. Loud whistles that they used a lot.


SO MANY PEOPLE. I noticed that nobody wanted to stand right behind me, though. Score! The fact that people want to see keeps me from being too paranoid about chikan!


Taken while holding my camera precariously over a woman’s head while standing on my tiptoes and arms out as far as they could go! (Which is admittedly pretty far!)


Someone shorter than me would see this, at best. I do love being tall.. too bad I didn’t have any heels on to see even better (but who wants to walk around on heels all day?).


I just could not get any closer. I’m pretty good at weaving in between people, but there was no opening large enough for a human to get through.




Again through the bars. I was wondering the whole time what it is like being a guard. Is it a boring job? Do most guards like their jobs? Does it pay well? It seems really boring. Are women allowed? I should have bought a book on it..



This is my favorite!! I have no idea if this guy was smiling in general, smiling at the sleeping kid that was blocking everyone, at me, or at something completely different. But it was a nice display of individuality. I am a big fan of individuality and opponent of conformity, so while I am fascinated by groups like this because of the cute uniforms, I sort of feel like there is not enough room to be yourself. I mean, everybody looks pretty much exactly the same. >.>


Expressions <3


Aww, they’re going away.


Any they are no more.. :((((( Sadness and yet relief at the same time! As people dispersed, it became quite cold again.

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