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La la la London!

Ohhhhhhh, Big Ben! Big Ben makes me think of Peter Pan.

When I saw it for the first time, on Miho and my third day sightseeing, I was like, “OOOH, I FOUND LONDON, HERE IT IS!

I wonder how everyone else feels. ^^;

According to our guidebooks, Big Ben is generally not open to the public, as is Parliament. There are tours of Parliament, but not on the days that we were there, and it seems that there are tours of the inside of Big Ben, but only at certain times of the year, or something like that. It might be kind of neat and steampunk-y, though, so I would really love to go inside!

I’m going to blow through some of these pictures really fast, because they’re good so I want to show them, but there is something coming up that is waaaaaay more exciting for me. XD; So please enjoy the pictures, and tell me if you liked any! I love reading comments, and I really need to get to work on answering them soon!

Here are the pictures!!! ——->

We walked around Parliament from the back, and OH! There was Big Ben! All silhouetted against the sky like a god or something. :3


We walked around, and I was surprised to find that it was quite yellowy!


Parliament is also pretty, but I wish that they had been giving tours that day because it might have been neat. 🙂





There is the London Eye in the background. I wanted to ride on that, but it wasn’t included in our passes and it is rather expensive. Soooooo expensive.


Here is Westminster Abbey, where they do really cool things like  bury famous people from the past and hold royal weddings. Alas, they do NOT allow photos inside, either. But it was gorgeous! I was especially excited about the bodies of several famous philosophers being contained there, as it felt that perhaps I could absorb some of their awesomeness by standing on top of their markers. (I did it. Can you tell me if I am more awesome than before?)


Know what’s really weird? Seeing modern cars and ancient architecture in the same shot! o.o;;


There are new buildings too, though! Very modern ones that remind me of the futuristic London from Star Trek: Into Darkness.


Miho and I wanted to see the Changing of the Guards and Buckingham Palace, so we rushed over there on foot.. and of course missed the entire thing! Oops! But we did see Buckingham Palace, and of course came back the next day!


LOOK AT THE GUARD!!! ISN’T HE CUTE?!?!!! I looked around for the place where you can annoy the guards and try to get them to move, but I couldn’t find it. Maybe they don’t do it anymore? That’s half of the fun of coming to England! This guard started marching anyways, though, which doesn’t really fit my image of a Royal Guard, lol.


This pretty golden monument is in the center of the driveway, and nobody seemed to care if you climbed all over the statues (judging by the people I saw doing just such).


Buckingham Palace! It looks small from here, but this is just part of the sprawling complex, of course. I do think that it could do with a good cleaning, though! The Queen lives here and all… but I guess that she doesn’t want to hire a cleaner?


I saw Buckingham Palace and it was THIS big!


So pretty!

Miho and I at Buckingham palace. 🙂

Physical proof that of course we had famous British delicacies like fish & chips (not as dry as I expected! It was good, but I don’t care for oil, so.. :X)

And I wanted to try this famous clotted cream, so….! (BIG fan now, btw!)

We spent a lot of time traveling, and eating, so we ended up doing the last thing that we could fit in for free with our London Passes.. and that was to take a cruise on the Thames!

I hadn’t really thought that it would be anything to write home about, but it was actually one of the best things that we did! It was narrated very well, with history explanations and a lot of corny jokes, and the best part was that we were able to see a lot of the city! There is just so much right there along the river! 🙂

The only downside is that it was really, REALLY freezing on the top of the boat, but the top of the boat offered the best views. I don’t know how I survived, with my desert-loving body. XD;

It was all for the sake of taking these GORGEOUS pictures as the sun set!


It was getting late by the time that we got off, but we decided to go and see the famous Harrods! It did not disappoint!


MEHEHEHEEEEEEE! It’s like they read my mind!

It’s so pretty and shiny, seriously! I felt self-conscious taking pictures inside, though. Next time, maybe I will try to get away with it! The front of the building reminds me of Vegas, though. XD


One photo. I managed one photo inside! XD;;


Then it was home and off to bed, because we had plans to hit Buckingham Palace again in the morning!

Changing of the Guard, here we came!!

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