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All Hallows By the Tower

Earlier, I mentioned the London Pass and how awesome it was. Seriously. It was the best thing that we bought in London, because the pass was relatively inexpensive, and the entrance fee for many of the big attractions costs were over 30 pounds! The London Pass people aren’t paying me anything to say this (although I wouldn’t turn down any $!). I found out about it randomly on a web search and bought it because it seemed like a great deal. I just think that it was the best thing that I did, and definitely recommend it to anyone heading into London! In fact, I tried a few things just because entrance was included in the pass, and one of them turned out to be one of the most awesome things I’ve experienced in my short 30 years on this planet! (More on that later, though!).

Anyways, Miho and I finished up at the Tower-of-London-that-was-actually-a-castle-not-a-tower-at-all, and we went next door to a little church with a cool-looking green spire. It was called All Hallows By the Tower, and to be honest… we only went because entrance was free, it was right next door, and in the London Pass guidebook it said that pass holders are given a free guidebook for entering. I like free! In fact, I’m looking at the guidebook right now because I couldn’t even remember the name of the church. >.>

Well, this is a bit of a short post because I did not take all that many photos in All Hallows By the Tower. It had the most gorgeous stained glass, though! You know that you want to see!!

This is the view from outside.. Oh wait, not quite yet! This is the view of the city skyline from inside the Tower, and somehow it ended up here by accident. XD


Now this is All Hallows by the Tower! It’s right next to the Tower, which is fairly obvious from the name, I guess! XD;;


Inside, it is a real, functioning church, so it was quite hushed. There were a few people wandering here and there, and a very eager young man who told us a bit about the history of the tower and gave us our free books. <3 And of course this gorgeous stained glass!


This is what the church looked like from the inside.


Giant cross.


More stained glass.


According to the guidebook, this is a sculpting of Revd. P.T. Clayton MC, CH, DD, FSA, founder of Toc. H. I don’t know what all of those titles mean. I do kind of want to know, though. >.>


The next few are fairly self-explanatory. ^^


After this, Miho and I went into the crypts, but I hit my head on a beam coming out of the ceiling. You’d think that I would be used to this since I’ve hit my head so many times in Japan that I actually taped foam pads to the corner of my stove’s hood. I was tired of losing blood!

It was cool, though, despite the injury to my noggin. After this, it was time for lunch, and then Miho and I headed out to a few other awesome things in the area! Unfortunately, something happened while we were out that had us running full-out down the street in pain. More about that next time! \(^o^)/

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