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Spring in Yokohama (^-^)

Why, hello there, Spring! I’ve missed you. :3

It’s a nice, pleasant 65 degrees, sunny with blue skies. And, the sakura are out. It’s not quite full bloom here where I am, but it’s almost there. Any day now, the trees will be bursting with pink petals, and just the hint of green leaves!

Where I live at the moment is a suburb of Tokyo, called Yokohama. It’s famous for Chinatown and the docks, although I’m not near either. ;D

So, instead of London, want to see what’s going on just outside my door? 😉

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Right outside of my door, there aren’t any sakura trees, there are just regular trees that haven’t yet began to leaf. If you only saw them, you might not even know that Spring was here, despite the fact that it’s really, really warm for March in Tokyo.


I looooooooooove dandelions! I  know that they’re weeds, but they’re gorgeous, bright yellow weeds with milky stems. How could I not love them? They make me think of summer. *^^*


Why, hello there, beautiful. *^-^*


Down the street, this tree was flowering in a pot in a neighbor’s house. Usually I find this neighbor’s house creepy because they have grape vines growing along the fence and they just let the grapes rot on the vine, and because there are always a TON of scary spiders hanging out there in the summer, but this tree gave it a bit of a better image. *^^*


Roses from someone else’s tree. Tree, not bush. :3


And then, I finally found a sakura tree! They’re only lightly pink on this tree, but they looked gorgeous with the bright blue sky. *^^*


Wouldn’t you like to just walk peacefully down this lane, like I did? *^^* Especially when it’s warm enough to be able to wear a t-shirt. ^^


As you can tell, major suburbs here. 🙂


But the blossoms are GORGEOUS. *^______^*


Did you like the trip through the emergence of Spring here in Tokyo?

I’m spending the rest of the day drawing.. and watching Supernatural, of course! *^o^*/

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