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From Tokyo to Camden Market♪

I woke up exceptionally cold on my second morning in London, and it was… that day in October was about as cold as it gets in Tokyo during the dead of winter. Crazy, right? I had left ninety degree weather for 30 degree weather. . for some reason. I am SO glad that I had brought a winter coat, just in case. ^o^;

I still managed to have a great day, because I woke up and grabbed some coffee and a croissant, and headed out to see a friend! I’d never been to London, or England at all, obviously, but I had a friend here. Namely William, whom I had known before he moved to Tokyo, and whom had ended up living in Tokyo for several years before returning to London about a year ago.

He clued me in that if I wanted to buy fun, kitschy London-things, and get a bit of visual inspiration at the same time, Camden Market wouldn’t steer me wrong!

I have to admit, it was pretty frakking awesome! Deculture-central! 😀

Alright, I was freezing as I arrived at Camden Town station. I was also really late, because I was trying to use an app to tell me which trains would take me where and at what time, and while the app was correct as far as trains go, it was rather useless as far as allocating times for transfers. I took way longer than was alotted and missed my connecting train. William was so kind to wait for me. (I’m so sorry!! You can stay with me if you visit Japan, to make up for it!)


In any case, Camden town station was pretty! Funny decor also amused me, such as this group of awesome mannequins.


And these rather winning storefronts!


The market is right down the street, and it was there that I learned that a large part of Camden Market used to be a stable. Huh! Who knew! I kinda really want to read a book about it, now. History just fascinates me.


There were some rather unusual sights to be seen, including this.. umm, useful exit. Or entrance. Either way, I suppose a genius must have designed it. ^^;;


Robocop was also in attendance! William and I actually went inside this store, which turned out to be a bit of a raver’s/goth paradise. It was quite interesting. The clothing wasn’t quite my style, but there were these glow-in-the-dark neon tubes to put in your hair that I really wanted! I tend not to buy things that aren’t clearly priced, though, because 1: I hate asking staff for a price because I feel guilty putting it back if it’s more than I think it’s worth, and 2: unpriced things are often too expensive, at least in my experience. Anyways.. I’m sure that I didn’t need it, but I still kind of regret not getting it. Maybe next time! I definitely want to visit again should I ever find myself in London!


Nearby, I found a stall selling these beauties.



And.. more horses. 🙂


Haha, it’s me and the most giant horse, EVER (I hope). I would like to get a horse someday, and then Taylor Swift and I can ride through mountain meadows in tandem. I will attach a spiral horn to the bridle of my horse, and transform it into a unicorn, of course. 🙂


I was also impressed by the many other sights. 🙂


We eventually headed inside, mainly because it was cold, and I needed to go to the ladies room. ^o^;; There were many more horses inside, in addition to other quite interesting things!


The bathrooms were located in the lowest level of the stable, and I should have known when I saw this painted sign on the wall, that I was about to enter awesomeness. 😀


Seriously.. how cool was THAT?! I wish that more bathroom hallways were covered in murals. Or, at least try to look nice.

We ventured back outside after looking around for a while.. where we found something that I thought existed ONLY in the Southern US: Deep fried candy bars!!!

We couldn’t resist, and I can safely tell you that: Deep fried candy bars sound disgusting, but THEY ARE NOT. THEY ARE REALLY, REALLY ADDICTING!!! That said, I am glad that we shared one, because I am not really fond of heart attacks or diabetes. :/


We finished up our long day by walking down the street and browsing the kitsch, and getting coffees that were as large as my entire hand. Oh, London, your food is so cheap. ♡



OH! ONE MORE THING! I cannot fail to mention the best drink that I have ever had, which I sipped on during lunch. It was called “HOT APPLE & CINNAMON,” but surely it was made of little pieces of heaven as well.  I have tried and failed to make this at home since then, so if anyone knows how to replicate it, please tell me! ;o;


On the way to coffee, it was still quite beautiful out. People tell me that London is dreary and rainy, but I suppose that I must have brought the sunshine with me.




Exhausted and cold, I headed back to my hotel to meet my friend Miho, whose plane had just gotten in that afternoon. The next day is when we started conquering all of the touristy spots! I got a lot of great pictures, too!

I can’t wait to share them! I’ve been keeping them here on my hard drive for far too long!

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