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Tokyo’s first blizzard!

Monday, we were hit by something that I’ve never seen in the 8 1/2 years that I’ve lived in Tokyo..

A blizzard!

It snows every year, but only enough to stick for a day or so at the most. Tokyo doesn’t really get very snowy. But on Monday, thanks to mother nature, global warming, or something else, we got snow! A lot, lot, looooooot of snow!

I’m fighting off a nasty cold and Monday was a national holiday, so I wasn’t planning on going outside, but oh man.. I just couldn’t resist! (For about 5 minutes)

Before I retreated back inside and tried to dry off, want to see what pictures I got? 🙂

This was the view from my balcony. Can you see the snow pouring down? I haven’t seen anything like this, even when I was a kid living in Washington State!! (Where it snows more, but not fat flakes like this)

Oh, my poor plants… I’m pretty sure that they’re dead. I guess we’ll see, soon, once the snow melts.

White!! White, everywhere! What a winder wonderland!

This is the street that goes along the front of my house, during the blizzard.

I live in the middle of a fairly steep hill, and I learned something: Japanese drivers (at least in Tokyo) do NOT know how to safely drive in the snow. :O For two days, there were cars lined up along the road, because the road was too slippery to make it up the hill.

Chains? Studded tires? Nope. I don’t know, but from my observations, and I only saw one pair of chains being used on tires at all, and that was three days later, most drivers have never even heard of such things.

Can you see it coming down? It was awesome, magical, and really cold at the same time. 🙂

This lady is trying in vain not to get too wet. I didn’t even try to hold an umbrella, and got soaked because of it. 😛

Even the vending machines were having a hard time!

I took more pictures of the aftermath the next afternoon, when the sun had come out! 😀 I’ll do them next, and then it’s on to London!

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