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Kadonowaki and Ishinomaki at night!

This is going to be my last post on Ishinomaki. 🙁

I couldn’t stay in Ishinomaki and on Cat Island forever! If you’re sad, let me know and I’ll see if I can go back up again sometime! Maybe to volunteer! 🙂 🙂

To be honest, I was only even in Ishinomaki/Cat Island for two days, but looking back and going through the pictures, it seems like I was there for a lot longer.

I barely had time to rest, though, before I jetted off on a long-awaited trip to London! This was my first time to Europe, my first time flying so far away, unless you count the few times that I’ve been back “home” (to the US) since I moved here.

BUT, I was talking about Ishinomaki, right? It’s time to give my little Ishinomaki one last sendoff. Are you ready?

We arrived, finally, and in one piece, back at the port in Ishinomaki.

“Do you want us to call you a cab?” the employees on the boat had asked, but we had refused. It had seemed like this might be our last chance to see the ruins left behind by the tsunami, so we decided (stupidly) to walk back.

Kadonowaki Elementary school looked very ominous under the gathered storm clouds. It was cold, though, as we had no jackets. Cold and getting colder.

It was also a lot later than we had thought it would be, by the time we arrived back in the station neighborhood (about 30 minutes walk if you know where you’re going). Darkness set on really fast, as did extreme hunger. The sad thing is that there were plenty of places to eat along the way, but not a single one of them was non-smoking. Which means that I couldn’t eat at all. I was starving, barely conscious, but I just value my health too much.

This guy is cooking yakitori– grilled chicken kebabs, basically. They looked so delicious, but I can’t eat in a smoky restaurant.

One thing that helped, though, were the neat statues lined up along the street! It’s too bad that it was so dark- I would have loved to get nice pictures during the day! It did keep my mind distracted at least. 🙂

Yum! If only.

I thought that these lanterns were neat. 🙂

A sign for a building serving Takoyaki! Oh, how I love little octopus balls. 🙂

And finally, Ishinomaki station itself. 🙂


So, that was my little journey through Ishinomaki and Cat Island! Please tell me that you enjoyed it! (=^.^=)

Next up is London! Are you excited to come with me to London? And find out why I went to London in the first place?

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